Friday, December 12, 2008

The Christmas Post

He's been good the past few days...for the most part. I've been riding at odd times so he keeps having to experience a very busy arena and then ALL of the other horses leaving the arena at the same time. He doesn't do so well with that. He gets downright pissed and refuses to do just about anything for several minutes. Now, if we go out to the arena and we're the only ones there the whole time he's fine. It's just the act of leaving that upsets him so much. I've been giving him fewer treats while he's tied and that's helping a little with his mouthiness, but not much. He's not a biter necessarily, but he wants to put things in his mouth and he's really good at grabbing whatever I'm the reins (lovely tooth marks in those) the lunge line, the lunge WHIP, the measuring tape (he's is 16 hands, btw) the brush, anything. It's hard for me to be tough on him when he ALSO likes to rest his nose on me and breath and cuddle and that is SOOOO sweet so I let him but then he sometimes grabs my coat quickly. Not mean, it's like I've seen him do in turn-out with other horses when he grabs their halters like it's his favorite game.

I'm a little anxious to leave him for 2 weeks but I know he'll be fine. I showed the feeder how mangled his grain bin is getting and it sounded like they have a bunch in the shed. It wasn't new when he moved in and it's got a hole in the bottom that is getting bigger and bigger. I'm excited to see how his is after two weeks of KAT, though!

I won't be posting for the next two weeks, but I'll bee sure to update you when I get back!
Happy Christmas!

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