Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I titled this entry "sticky" because the blanket Jr. has been wearing since mid-November is in desperate need of cleaning. Since this is my first horse and first blanketed winter I only own one blanket. This means that to take the time to clean the blanket Junior gets a night without his blanket. Luckily the low temp tonight will be 51 degrees so he will be fine without it. If you recall, last time I cleaned it I paid for someone else to do it and though it was very convenient and they did a thorough job, I just don't think I can afford that luxury when I can go tomorrow and spend a few hours (and about $8) at the laundr-o-mat while I grade papers. I don't teach on Wednesdays and I have no meetings tomorrow so I can do blanket duty. Just for giggles I tried to stuff the blanket in my washer and was not surprised that it did not fit. It's draped over a dining room chair right now and my house will probably smell like it but whatever. I still consider myself lucky that my car smells like a horse and I pull horse hairs out of my drier's lint trap. What's a little Equi-stench in the dining room? It'll go away.

He was pretty good today. KAT was trying to help me yesterday when he was lunging poorly in the 2nd direction so I was trying that today. He was better. He's just such a baby. The ride was good. His lope (and lope take off) was pretty decent today. I even did a little lope one-handed. He's tossing his head more lately and I'm not sure if that's just his new "thing" like his refusal to lope off a while back, or his refusal to bend to the left from September, or if this is something to be concerned about. He'll be on the list for the Equine Dentist next time they come, but I'm not sure when that'll be.

I have a lesson tomorrow night but we're supposed to have "dangerously high winds" so we'll see how that goes.

I ordered a full set of tack carriers and they should be delivered tomorrow. It's one of those things that I could certainly make myself since I have the skills and technology, but the cost of fabric, trims, zippers, hardware, webbing, etc. would outweigh the cost of buying ready made. Not to mention that I'd rather spend my spare time riding the horse than sewing stuff for him. Now, my show clothes are a little different. Custom it will be!

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