Saturday, March 6, 2010

Good things come... the mail inside a Schneider's box!!!!

You can expect a better picture from a show this summer, but I couldn't help but show how pretty it is and how cute it is on him! I need to adjust how the throatlatch sits, but it fits him well and is a nice color on him. The leather is really nice and the silver/gold is very shiny and nice. This is the nicest piece of new tack I have ever owned. Junior doesn't look too thrilled about it, but he had been out playing all day and was exhausted. He was quite lazy during our showmanship lesson that night, but well behaved. He's clearly bored with it. A whole hour might be too much. I feel like our 1/2 hour sessions outside of the lessons do better, but I still like having KAT watch us and help me adjust when he doesn't do what I ask.

The weather was lovely outside and he got himself filthy outside for 3 hours. Tomorrow is supposed to be 47 degrees and I am REALLY looking forward to it. I'm going up to a store in Delaware, OH called Cashman's to get some grain and see if there's anything I can't live without.


  1. OOOH! Very pretty! I really like the color of the leather on him too!

    Can't wait to see a blue ribbon hanging off it from your first showmanship class! :)

  2. ROFL I highly doubt THAT will happen! But he's still going to look awesome!

  3. This is super pretty! I love it so much.