Monday, July 19, 2010

A Weekend with Welshies!

While back in southwestern Minnesota visiting my parents I was asked to farm sit for my friend while she took two ponies up to a Welsh show. They cleaned up nicely, of course. :)

Though feeding 25 ponies and 5 horses is way more than work than I would like to do in the July prairie heat, (and that thermometer is in the shade!) it was so nice to see my old girl in our 31st year. She looks great for her age. She even had that sway back when she was 15. I did not have the urge to ride her.

She is in great shape and I know a light ride would not hurt her, but I think 16 years of carrying me is enough. Though she whinnied while loading the trailer like she wanted to go to the show, once I put her in cross-ties to groom her I could tell she wanted to go eat grass instead, so the queen got what she wanted, once she was fly sprayed and her mane was detangled. (Oh, how I do not miss those long tangly arab manes!) She deserves to be pampered. Each moment with her is a gift. Though I would rarely pass up an opportunity to ride any (trustworthy) horse, I think having a horse of my own is successfully satisfying my riding bug.

So many Ponies!!!! Notice the wind turbines?
My sweet girl!


  1. I love the sweet older horses - my Noble is 30, Joe at our barn is 28 and Blackjack is in his early 30s.

  2. It's wonderful that you were able to visit her. And she really does look great!

    Those ponies are so cute! Not a bad way to spend a vacation. :)

    Try to stay cool in that heat!