Monday, January 10, 2011

Stuff I'm Learnin'.

It's cold here. Too cold for comfort. I know I grew up in Minnesota, but I didn't ride in the winter and in fact took to hibernation from about mid November until May. So I haven't been riding much. Things are fine here. Been working a little on slowing the lope, but I think I have to re-strategize. Junior has lost some weight and some muscling. This might be due to lack of exercise and or the cold. He's from Texas, ya know, and he's less fond of Winter than I am. So we're giving him extra feedstuff. It's hard to measure exactly how much hay he's getting since he gets some in the field when he's turned out and I'm not sure how equally those four boys share. Junior more likely to share with someone than someone is likely to share with him so who knows. We'll watch it. He's surely lost muscling in his rear end. I've also been paying attention to his stride. I lunged him Sunday instead of riding so I was able to really watch. At the walk he tracks anywhere from half a rear hoof into the print of the front hoof or about 100%. At the trot he doesn't track at all, and stays a few inches back from the hoof print. He wants to take tiny steps, surely a side-effect from training for the western pleasure jog. This is what I will be working on with the Dressage trainer at our lesson next month. I'm skipping this month, but he'll be ridden by one of Max's girls in this month's lesson.

He also has a vertebra out of place about midway down his neck. Monet diagnosed this back in late November and she adjusted him then, but he's still showing the lump and the tendency to turn his head to the right when we halt. I don't think he's hurting and his work ethic is fine, but we've been taking it easy until the equine chiropractor/massage therapist can come out.

I am auditing a class this quarter on Photoshop. I have some basic skills in the program but I'm entirely self taught so there's a TON I don't know. So far the class has been review but with little things about each tool that I hadn't figured out and that make things WAY easier. Today I made this just for fun:

I'll probably continue working on it. Unfortunately the picture of us is poor quality because it's a screenshot from the website of a photographer that was at our show last June so the color is bad, but it was just a practice experiment. You can see the original in my post on that show HERE.


  1. so sorry he has lost some shape on his hind end! that doesn't sound right. i haven't ridden since november and blue is fine. wondering if it isn't due to his back issues. if he isn't tracking up continually then he is sore or unable to use it correctly. chiro work is awesome and it is a relief to know you provide that wonderful treatment for him. good luck!

  2. I love Photoshop. I used to mess with it a lot back in the day when I had spare time (HA!). Now that I have my DSLR camera, I'm thinking about getting Lightroom because I think I can do some great things with the photos in there and then play with everything else in Photoshop.

    Sounds like Junior and I have a lot in common... I hate the cold and am also seeing a chiropractor! :) Stay warm!!

  3. I don't know a thing about photoshop I am so tech unsavy it really sucks. I should find myself a class to attend.

    Loosing muscle doesn't sound good. I hope you get that figured out. Glad to hear you are working with a dressage trainer to get the shortened stride fixed. Personally I ride western pleasure and I believe the stride does not have to be compromised if the horse is trained to collect in true dressage fashion. Makes for a much smoother moving horse too. Which is pretty darn cool

  4. Thanks everybody for your well wishes. We're trying to coordinate two horse's owner's scedules to get the chiro out so we don't have it scheduled yet.

    @Rising Rainbow: I absolutely agree with you.

    We worked last night at mostly an extended trot (or at least extended for US) and he was moving out much better than he had one the lunge. He's a little like me in that we're naturally not all that athletic so we need to be pushed to really move!

    His attitude remains good so I'm not too worried. We did some extra carrotless stretches and I massaged his neck after the ride which he seemed to enjoy.