Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tack UN-Hoarder

I know many of you are self-admitted "Tack Hoarders" who confess to having more tack than they can imagine using. Perhaps it's because I don't have my own barn or garage to store excess tack, or perhaps I am a penny-pincher that I fit more into the category of a "Tack Un-Hoarder." And yes, I made up that less-than-clever category. The "I might need it someday" excuse doesn't work with me yet because there are still many things that I do need RIGHT NOW. I pretty much only own one of everything, and in categories where I exceed that number I'm quick to find an outlet to dispose of the item in exchange for some sort of monetary wiggle-room to purchase something I need but don't already have one of.

So today I got a table with 3 other gals at a tack swap. This was our table:

You can tell we're amateurs at this! And you can't tell but my show jacket from last year is on that rack. There were lots of compliments on it but no serious lookers. I had it priced super high, but I'm not sure I want to part with it yet anyway.

As you know, my recent saddle order was intended to cut my two western saddles down to one. And now I am 2/3 the way done with that process! In other words, my training saddle sold today! And I sold it for $25 more than I bought it for! I also sold one of my old English Show Dickies that I used to make and sell on Ebay. I had one left and I sold it for a huge profit of $5. She seemed really excited about the Dickie and asked if I still made them. I told her my Ebay handle. I really should have asked the woman for her email or tried to take an order! Business FAIL. Oops. I would have liked to sell more but having the saddle gone is a HUGE relief. I can pay cash for my new saddle!

I took a last ride in the training saddle on Thursday. I really did like that saddle so it was kind of sad to see it go. :( But I'm sure when the beautiful new one shows up I won't think on it again. The new one will be much better quality and fit us better.

So out with the old and in (hopefully sooner rather than later) with the new. I've been eyeing some bridles to go with my new saddle but I can't show them to you or you'll know what color saddle I ordered! I'm now in the market for a show headstall and one (plus a breastcollar?) to use more for trail riding and cowboy challenges.

I did buy myself ONE thing at the Tack Swap. Just a cute western snap shirt I can wear for Cowboy Challenges or whatever. I poked and drooled on a few things including a very old buckstitched halter, but I reminded myself this was a SELLING day.


  1. Congrats on the restraint & saddle sale.

    I am much more of a tack-unhorder as well. I think it is a combo of lack of space and lack of money. I prefer to by higher quality tack instead of a lot of cheaper stuff. Since I don't really show this makes life much easier.

    As for the business fail. I think it is a state of mind. When I started thinking of my business as a real business that I could use to make money I started to remember to put the fliers and cards in my wallet, bag, and jacket and now hand them out very liberally even tacking them up all over the place. But than it is also a time thing if you have the time to sew it and make money it is a great way to make it doing something you enjoy. If you don't have the time than all of a sudden it gets much more expensive.

  2. Good job at the tack swap. It's time for a little spring cleaning in my tack room too.

  3. You and your buckstitch... LOL

    Congrats on selling your saddle! There's nothing quite like paying cash for new stuff. Hopefully the time between now and when the new one comes passes quickly so you can forget all about your old saddle!

    I love my dickies! I might need to have you make me a few more in some different colors! :)