Sunday, April 10, 2011

Momma's Special Boy

After a second day with the bit I think it's actually a no-go. I was able to see his shadow today so I could see that he was gaping more than I initially thought. I also took some video and didn't like what I saw. He tossed his head up several times. I also don't like the look of the long shanks. The bit itself is pretty, but it's not a pretty picture on his head. The cosmetics are the last of my concerns, but I do show so the overall picture needs to be considered.

So I'm back to shopping. Big thanks to Nicole and eventer79 for telling me about the Myler bit trials. I have already found a few sources so I'll be considering that service in my search.

After watching the Versatile Horse and Rider Competition at Equine Affaire on Friday, we started to get itching for obstacles. We have a ton of stuff at the barn but dragging it all out and putting it all away by yourself sucks, So today, along with a barn mate and another friend, we set up a bunch of obstacle stuff to play around with. He is soooo not afraid of things. He doesn't always understand what I'm asking for and sometimes doesn't want to do things exactly how I want him to, but he pretty much "does" everything. Not always pretty, but done. He's getting a lot better at moving one foot at a time to get closer to something or to maneuver around something like the rope gate.

Our one real goal for today (other than giving the bit a second go) was side passing over a barrel. He doesn't love side passing over objects, and large objects are the hardest, so it took a good while and many attempts to get him to do it. Then it wasn't a big deal. I cannot wait for the first Cowboy Challenge!!!

From our bath yesterday, taken by Max's Chloe: I call it "Momma's Special Boy..."


  1. I love obstacles!

    A quick tip for sidepassing over objects is to put it behind your leg...there is a lot more room in front of their back legs and they tend to feel more comfortable with the poles/barrels being there. :)

  2. Love the tongue sticking out in the picture! Cute!

  3. The combination of a broken mouthpiece and shanks can cause the bit's action to be very confusing to the horse - there's a nice piece on Mark Rashid's web site about this. Or it could be that he just didn't like it - who knows?

  4. hahaha that photo is awesome.

    Finding that perfect bit can be hard - Im glad you saw it wasnt going to work sooner rather then later. It sure is hard when you dont have access to try tons and tons of bits before buying. Fortunetly, my trainer has what we call "the wall of bits" so I can typically try something out before buying. Have you looked into the DM Lifter bits I have been using?

  5. I hate bits... I hope you're able to find something that works for Junior.

    I'm loving that picture!! LOL!

  6. I wish I had found your blog before EA! I was there doing a clinic and breed demo. Your horse is amazingly gorgeous by the way. Absolutely stunning!