Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cowboy Challenge #2

The equine gods were smiling on us Sunday and B and I were able to head up to the Cowboy Challenge at the Knox County Horse Park.  We had some trouble getting him into the trailer again, but I managed to stay calm and intent enough on getting him in so we managed.  It was a gorgeous day, weather could not have been better.  You may remember that we went to our first challenge last year at this time and we had so much fun.  We failed a few of the obstacles and Junior got about 3 feet into the little wooded part and spun around and ran out and I could not get him back in.  I was pleased with that first time but made it one of my Equilutions to place in a Cowboy Challenge...

This time we were able to enter a Novice division so there were only 7 competing as opposed to the 25 that were entered into the open division.  The course was the same.  

Junior was a such a good boy.  We had some issues getting lined up for the gate and he wasn't sure he wanted to stand still by the barrel with the water bucket when he could see his two favorite girls and his buddy Zip up in the arena.  We're still working on the separation anxiety, but he was great on the course.  He was calm and brave and I got lots of compliments on the ride and on how pretty he is.

After we competed we went on a nice trail at the Park.  Junior was really awesome.  He took the hills and the tight spaces and the deer all in stride.  Who knew he'd turn into a decent trail mount??!?

One of our friends won the Open on her mare, Rio, who Junior is very much in love with.  Ivy, a new red roan in the barn was there too and he couldn't decide who he was more in love with.  Adorable.

JR: "Hey, how YOU doin?"
Rio: "Whatever."
Rather than give a play by play I'll just show you.  It's a big course so it's hard to get a clear shot of it all, especially the parts behind the trees.  Back there we had to stop at a mailbox and raise and lower the mail flag, then we had to go through a round-bale feeder that's on it's side and buried.  It's a tight squeeze for us so it's a good thing he's not at all worried about it.

You can watch the video with the sound ON if you want to hear the wind, the commentator, and B and B.  I captioned the obstacles so you can watch in silence if you want.  Ignore the camera shaking due to Zip, the video I took of B and Zip while sitting on Junior was way worse.

And the outcome?  We got a 106 out of 120 and placed second!  He went right into the trailer for the way home so maybe we crossed back into the dimension where my horse trailers like a good boy and not like an idiot.  We shall see because...

The best part is that we get to do it again next week because it's a makeup date for the one in May that was rained out!  It's only Open, though so we have to compete with the big boys and girls, but it'll still be fun!

Your Anniversary Giveaways are FINALLY in the mail and on their way to you.  Thanks for entering!!!


  1. Looks like so much fun!! Congratulations on second place too! Junior looks good in red. ;)

    Did the whistle at the gate mean you ran out of time to do the obstacle?

  2. This looks like a ton of fun! Becca, let's start some of these challenges in NC!

  3. Yes, that's what the whistle means. Each obstacle should be under 30 seconds, but I'm not sure when exactly they start timing each one. I was a little ticked that I got a Zero on that obstacle because I did accomplish part of it, but oh well. It's all subjective. :)

    And there are a few English folk at these, too, just not as many.