Thursday, May 10, 2012

Diagonals, Legs, and Comparison

Thanks for all the compliments on our last show!  I'm still kinda on cloud 9 about it myself.  Junior got to have Monday and Tuesday to himself.  Yesterday all he had to do was walk out to the grass and stay within a lead-rope's radius of me while I enjoyed the sunlight in a lawn chair.  Rough.  I'm trying to take it easy this week.  The show was rough on my back and I just want to give it a chance to rest.

Back to DIAGONALS.  I do know my diagonals when I'm going in a circle, and I am even starting to be able to pick up the correct one without looking down. Skilz.

What I was confused about was the terminology.  The pattern was that weird X/half-circle shape and it said "Left Diagonal" and then "Left Lead" even though it was tracking right.  I knew what Left Lead meant, but wasn't sure if Left Diagonal meant "the proper diagonal for tracking left" or "posting with the left front leg".  I assumed it was the proper for tracking left and stuck with that, but none of my team were sure, and the other riders did it the opposite; posted when the left front rose as if tracking to the right.  Even KAT told me I did it wrong!

HOWEVER.  I emailed the judge and she confirmed that I did it correctly.  So, I was right that "Left Diagonal" assumes the same direction as "Left Lead."   I WAS right.  :) WIN!  I'm so glad I went with my gut!

LEGS: I started looking back to other videos and it looks like my legs have been uneven for a while.  When I was in HS I wore a small lift in one of my shoes but I can't remember which one and I've had back issues on and off for ever, so I'm not sure I can totally blame that.  When I did THIS video in April I noticed my left leg looked different.  After confirming they were the same length, I swapped the stirrup leathers so it can't be that, or the opposite leg would be wonky.  Maybe it's time to have my movement coach colleague come out and assess. I had been feeling like I had to push harder in that stirrup to get him straight this spring.

COMPARISON: For your amusement (and by YOUR I mean MY) I've made a little comparison video of our very first show and our most recent show.  Same location and same judge.  I think there's been a bit of improvement in 3 years...


  1. I was amused by the video too :) although amused isnt really the right word...enjoyed is better. ;) You guys are coming along so well, I love watching comparisons like this. I honestly wish I could ge tmy leg back like you can, it just doesnt seem physically possible for me!

  2. Goodness, yes, I would certainly say there has been improvement! Both you AND Jr. look so much more fluid, confident, poised and professional. Your leg is tighter, your posture is more correct, you're less tense. Junior has better muscling, looks MUCH happier and has his head at a comfortable and appropriate level with no tossing and fretting. WAY TO GO!

  3. That's so weird about the diagonals! All the eq patterns I've done will say "left or right diagonal" and they mean either the left or right diagonal, not which diagonal you'd be on if you were tracking left or right. Especially since the pattern says "posting trot ON the left diagonal".

    The video was awesome... it has to put a smile on your face!

  4. loved the video :) great to see how much you guys have come on, you look really good :) hope your back's okay and not aching too much?xx

  5. Big improvement both in you & your horse,your lower leg is not
    where near as far back in the second show & your toes are pointing forward not out! You've obviously put a lot of work in & it shows,your horse is calm & relaxed & you sit still & don't interfere with his way of going creating a really lovely picture.One other thing that is obvious to me is that you have taken the trouble to teach your horse to stand without you touching the reins when you are mounting.Super videos of a really nice partnership.

    1. Thanks! Standing still while mounting was very important to me so he learned that lesson well. I've also taught him to allow me to mount from strange objects like fences, bleachers, cement medians, etc. Very helpful with a 16 hand horse!

  6. Great comparison video!! You should def be proud!