Sunday, August 5, 2012

Carrot Stretches

Carrot stretches are the only (well, okay maybe I cheat on my own rules sometimes) way Junior gets fed treats by hand.  When I first acquired him, he was extremely impolite and would not keep his mouth out of my personal space.  Remember this video?  He's a LOT better now after a long period without ANY treats by hand.  Showmanship training was also helpful in teaching him to keep his nose to himself.  But even though he's better about his manners, I still only give him treats as incentive to do his stretching, or I'll toss one in his feed tub or if he's been particularly wonderful he'll get a treat by hand, but only if he obeys a verbal "Back up!" and steps back from me rather than mauling me.

Stretching is good for him as he, like most horses I suppose, tends to be stiff and resistant to bending.

It's also amusing for anyone watching, and you know how he likes to be the center of attention!

1 comment:

  1. He's really good at those! Lilly doesn't go nice and slow like Junior does and sometimes I worry she'll hurt herself trying so desperately to get the carrot. She needs to take some lessons from him. :)