Tuesday, September 4, 2012

All Is Quiet

Just a few little things to report from the world of Junior.

- I've been doing the morning feeding at the barn twice a week to help with board payments and to get my lazy butt out of bed and moving around without excuses.

- My back is annoyed today by the horrible humid rainy muck that is central Ohio this week, but otherwise seems to be working it's way in the direction of "getting better", but I probably shouldn't say that out loud.

-It took a good two weeks after my fall to feel physically recovered from it, and I was more mentally shaken than I thought.  I cantered today for the first time today and was a bit nervous.  Wuss.

- I haven't gotten the neck stretcher out again yet, but riding with it is on the list for this week.

- The barn tried Junior in some lessons but he's not been the most cooperative so he's won the right not to be a lesson pony... again.

- So instead of lessons, I'm trying out half-leasing Junior to the sweetest couple I have ever met.  If it works out it has the potential to be the best possible situation.  They take a lesson each week and do two more rides per week, leaving me 4 days with him and lately that is plenty.  The nice couple had been leasing another horse but their owner moved the horse and they want to stay at this barn.  They really like him so far, are very smart, eager to learn, and promised not to let him try to be the boss.  ;)

- I am more concerned about his stifle(s) than I have been before.  I'm hoping he's just going through that phase between totally out of shape and back into shape and will, with steady work, turn back into the cadenced horse I know he can be.  My last two rides I felt it stick too often. We've been here before so hopefully it will get better as he gets stronger.  Plus he snuck some fatty past me and is suddenly on the chubby side which can't help.  We cut his grain back a bit, hopefully that'll catch up.

In other news, my house-rabbit continues to entertain me.  She's not proving to be a cuddler, which is disappointing but not unexpected.  She might change her mind in time.  But for now I'm satisfied with feeding her kale and banana chips when she comes over to say Hi.


  1. Your bunny is so cute!! I had a couple bunnies many years ago and none of them were cuddlers either. They just wanted food and tolerated my petting their heads. That was about it.

    I hope the lease works out with Junior. Sounds like a better situation than having him in the lesson program.

  2. My bunny is mean! She does not like cuddles or to be touched really. She is a scratcher!

    I hope the lease works! I agree with in2paints, sounds better than the lesson program. At least he will have consistent riders.


    And yes, all caps was totally necessary ;-)

    Best of luck on the half lease—sounds like it could really be a win-win!