Saturday, November 24, 2012

Increased Inventory

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!  I spent the morning feeding horses at the barn, then made a stuffed turkey and shared it with two of my girlfriends who are also far away from family.

Post in Progress::: We did a judging class thingy a week ago, I'll post on that when I get a hold of some photos.  VERY enlightening experience for me!  Stay tuned for more!

I've been increasing my inventory of show clothes for sale!  I've yet to add them all to the For Sale page, but they'll get there.  Feel free to inquire if something strikes your fancy!

Here are 2 new vests, 3 new shirts,2 used jackets, and 1 new jacket ready to sell. There's also a blank jacket there, it's in Hobby Horse's Midnight (a discontinued color so I don't have the pants to match), size Small-Medium and it is currently undecorated. If you want it, we can design it together, so claim it if you want it!

In between stitching, I've been organizing my studio.  I live in a 2 BR apartment, so the spare bedroom needs to also be a guest room, therefore I'm somewhat limited in how much room I can dedicate to sewing.  Someday when I have more room I will have an amazing studio, you just wait.

In the mean time, I'm working with what I have, including a folding banquet table propped up on bed risers.  This table is my cutting table and painting table.

Above the table is my new pegboard I made from a fugly frame I found at a thrift store and some paint.

Ziplock bags on the right hold 3 more shirts ready to stitch.

I've been exploring some painting techniques using contact paper stencils, trying to decide what to do with the Midnight jacket!

Also a bit of research on pearl snaps for an upcoming project.

Stay tuned!


  1. LOVE it :") i LOVE the copper pattern that is on the last picture truly amazing! You do some wonderful things love your blog :_

  2. Oooh, I really like the paint idea! I think the shimmery silver looks really nice on the dark blue.

    1. Thanks! That's for your mock-up blue jacket! Maybe...

  3. This might be a bit off topic, but how flipping CUTE is that corkboard? My organizational/slightly OCD self loves it!

    1. LOL! Thanks! I thought about doing a post on the pegboard. I did take a few process photos... But I didn't know if anyone would care!

  4. OH, I really like the orange on purple/blue! I would totally just buy a regular shirt with that down the side, awesomeness! I really admire your design talent! Signed --art snob