Saturday, February 16, 2013

Buckstitch Becky's Updates

I've sent out the free decals to the two winners of the giveaway but I still have a few coupon codes to hand out so if you entered the contest, please contact me for your 50% OFF decal coupon!  The coupon expires March 15th!!!!

I've hung a quick display at my barn, hoping to generate some in-house business.  I've got several new "clients" and we're getting ready to create their custom decals.  If you take a look on the bottom left of the sign, You can see I've started playing around with custom face markings on my horsehead image.

I actually sold my first decal on Etsy!  A nice gal named Jamie specially requested a black hunt cap with white lettering (rather than clear) so I created a special item just for her.  If you want something you don't see, just let me know.

I've added a few new western show shirts to my store today, including some quickly constructed samples at very low prices.  I've also lowered shipping on my show clothing to $8.00 and dropped the pricing on a few of my used items.

Check it out!


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  1. I just put my decal on my truck a few minutes ago. Will be posting a pic of it and a link to your store in a few.
    I love it!