Saturday, May 25, 2013

One Last Try

I'm gonna try this fly mask thing again, BUT if I end up with a shredded mask in a week or a month I'm NOT doing it again.

This horse of mine has gone through at least 4 masks in the past 4 years.  And by "gone through" I mean SHREDDED.  Plus I know he rarely comes back in from turnout with it still on. When we had the big pastures I spent many a morning fetching fly masks from the far corners of the field.

Here's the last two... and one of them had been repaired several times before it was no longer reparable.  Not sure why either of them are still in my possession... I think I had some stupid idea that I would try to salvage parts of them but they'll be in the dumpster tomorrow.  Ain't nobody got time for that.

So why do I even try?  Four reasons.  1. Because this princess of a horse has a cyst in his right eye that should be shielded from UV rays in hopes that it doesn't get any bigger. 2. I'm a horrible person who shaves the inside of his ears for show season. 3. His pink nose can use the UV protection, too.  4. Flies, of course.

This time I'm going to try the regular nose instead of the extended since the barn staff are actually willing to sunscreen his widdle nose before he goes out. Perhaps he'll find the shorter nose less annoying and less of a handle for his Brofiend to yank on. I've heard he's been leaving his Brofriend's mask on, so maybe this'll be the year I keep a mask a whole season.

We took advantage of Smartpak's free Barn Saver shipping as well as the complimentary personalization.

So here it is.  The final try.
Oh I see how it is.... well then :P right back atcha ,Bug.


  1. Are you sure it's Junior and not more his Brofriend? Maybe he's totally innocent in all this! :)

    He looks awfully cute in his mask, especially with his name on it. Here's hoping he keeps this one nice!

    1. Valid question! I've watched him try to get it off himself. I think he was able to step on the nose piece and pull it off. He's too smart for his own good, remember! After three barns and multiple turnout partners the story is the same. I'm sure Junior is often the instigator of the un-masking game since he's such a big fan of the "bite me in face over and over" game. He only started being turned out with Mystic (his spotty brofriend) since last fall (I think?) so I'm not sure if he's had a mask on with him or not. We'll know very soon!

  2. I go through 1-2 fly masks per year per horse, and that's AFTER I repair them. But like you, I have a horse with a white face (and melanomas), so I religiously keep the fly masks on.

    Have you considered duct tape? ;)

  3. I was going to say, "You should try the Cash... Oh." :) I've been fortunate that my wonderkid has lasted two years with his current fly mask, but it's about to be retired, too. At least they're sorta cheap?

  4. I just started reading your blog so I dont really know what you situation is with your barn. I do self care and my one friend owns a black and white paint who NEVER keeps his fly mask on. What she has resorted to doing is generously applying diaper rash cream to his nose and eyes. The zinc acts as a sunscreen. It's cheap and it stays on all day, up to 24 hours! You have to be careful, though, because he might try to rub if off on you. Lol. It might be something to look into for Junior. :)