Sunday, June 16, 2013

Open Show June 15th, 2013

I think he looks a little smug in this one!
The show went very very well!  The weather was lovely, Junior was in a good mood all day, and we each came home with a blue!

  • Adult Hunter Showmanship: 1st!  We had to show in the bridle which I thought would be a  problem but Junior did really really well!
  • Adult Hunter Under Saddle: 3rd of 9. This felt good.  There were some great horses in the class.
  • Adult Equitation: 4th of 6. I think it was going really well until I overshot the whoa. :(
  • Adult Western Showmanship: 3rd of 4.  This one surprised me because I thought I did better than the Hunter SMS, maybe he didn't like my outfit ;). 

We didn't get High Point for the day, only getting beat out by 2 points, but I did manage to get the Circuit High Point for the two shows so we got a nice little gift bag!

Junior's OPC was our gopher/groom all day and OPJ rode Junior in the Open Walk/Trot HUS which, as always was HUGE and even had a whole group of big-time congress horses so he wasn't called back to the finals.

OPJ and OPC celebrate with JR!
OPJ WON his Limited Novice Walk/Trot HUS! It was so fun to watch.  Junior was VERY good for him and there were some really nice moments where he had him moving as well as he can move!  Then they got 3rd in the Limited Novice Walk/Trot Equitation.

Now THIS is the kind of horse show that makes me forget how much work they can be.  Everything seemed to go smoothly, and though in hind sight I wish I would have ridden the two western classes after all, but I was tired and we were had some timing issues with the BM coming to haul us home and I still got the Circuit award so it's all good, but there was only 3 in the WP and I think only 1 in the HMS, but that 1 was a nice horse that the judge really liked so chances are we'd have been riding for DFL.  ;)  Oh well.  Over it.  LOL!

It was a long day again, but more relaxed and though tack changes were kind of exciting between my classes and OPJ's classes, I think we all had a good time.  Junior's OPs even brought me a little Birthday cake for us to share after we were done showing.  They are just so sweet!

New outfit!

Circuit Champion Grooming bag with hand-painted brushes.


  1. Congrats on the great day, and I love the shirt!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes it is! I've only ever won a tiny lunch cooler at a show before!

  3. Hi! Just letting you know that I've nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award, see the post here ->

    1. Thank you! I received this award a while ago, too, you can read my responses here:

  4. Great job!! I really like your new SMS jacket - it looks really good. Sounds like you and Junior's OPs did well too!

    Congrats on the circuit award - nice to get some loot...

  5. WAY COOL! I LOVE your new outfit! Beautiful coat! But I wonder if maybe your pants should be the cream color too..? I feel like your hat just isnt "right". But anyway, OMGoodness! JR looks great! And he looks so TALL!! And your BAG! Its soooo cool! So happy what a good show!

    1. That's certainly an option, but from what I've seen at the top shows (and read) the judges currently prefer the "suit" look over the "sport coat" look as far as color goes and there's no way I could keep bone-colored pants clean! LOL! Having a color break at the hip would be unflattering on me and would draw the judge's eye down rather than up. There are ultrasuede appliqués on the jacket that perfectly match the hat so the color is definitely represented all over the jacket. In general it's better to have a lighter colored hat to draw the eye up to the face. White and silverbelly hats dominated the showmanship ring at last fall's Congress. :)

    2. I hear your points and know a lot of the trends (I too keep a silverbelly for that eye appeal) I dunno I think maybe its the wrong tone? Im not trying to be mean just my two cents. Maybe I just cant pinpoint what feels out of place....but I do LOVE your coat. :)

    3. I absolutely hear you and I don't feel you're being mean at all! I can't tell you how many times I went back and forth with hat colors because you don't see the black outfit with the tan hat as much as you see black with black or black with white. It's one of the reasons I wanted to do the gold mesh overlay areas - to give more of that warm neutral into all that black. If you look at the last outfit I did (pic up in right sidebar) I used more of the warm neutral in that bronze brocade so I think that outfit blends better than this new one. Maybe I'll use my black hat next time and compare. :)

  6. I love that first picture of you two! It should end up in a frame somewhere! I love your new outfit too. It looks really nice on you, and compliments Junior quite nicely. You should post a close-up pic of the appliques. ;)

    Congratulations on such a great day, both in terms of awards, and also just having a fun day out with your boy. Those are the best shows!