Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hurry! Help Me Pick!

Remember last year when I got 3rd place in the Hobby Horse Designer Contest?  I'm going to enter again, but I can't decide which one of my eligible jackets should be entered! I can only enter one and I have to decide and submit by October 1st!!!

Both are made with Hobby Horse fabric.

Which one would you pick? I think you can bigify the photos if you click on them.

Please comment with Black or Blue!




  1. Both are beautiful but I particularly love the second one.

  2. Both are amazing, but if I had to pick in an instant - the blue would be it.

  3. Black, I have a weakness for the red type colors.

  4. black. I love this colors in it and the square design!

  5. Love them both but I;m going with Blue as well

  6. They're both gorgeous but I really love the blue one! Blue!

  7. Ok, I'm not a huge fan of the western costumes, but I have always been really impressed with the stuff you make -- it ends up classy and tasteful. I like both of these -- and at first, I didn't go for the blue because I saw sparkles and pinkish stuff.

    But then I examined both a little longer and while I think the black is masterfully executed techinically with so many different colours and shapes, the blue one has an undeniably elegant flow to the silver work that evokes kind of a feather/stardust thing, with just a hint of colour to make it all stand out. I would actually wear that (*gasp* don't tell!) while, despite admiring the workmanship of the first, I wouldn't put the black one on.

    You really do have an AMAZING talent and the blue shirt is truly beautiful!

    Art snob, out. Heh. ;-)

  8. What she said ^

    (I'd wear it, too :-))