Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sparkly Pretty Things

As Laura and I mentioned, we've been scheming on a project together.  I didn't expect my trip to Texas would result in homework, but I'm glad it did!

Here's a sneaky peek at the Showmanship jacket we're working on.  Those of you who follow Buckstitch Becky's on facebook have already seen it, so sorry for the old news. I promise more in the next few weeks.  I'm still working on the 30 appliques and haven't even started applying (photo is just a sample) the crystals yet: HUNDREDS of genuine Swarovski crystals in 5 colors (Blue Zircon, Aquamarine, Black Diamond, Silver Shade, and Crystal) plus Dark Grey "pearls" in two sizes. Oh, and the apps have some hand painting.  

These projects are time consuming and all that detail work makes my head spin.  But it's going to be SO AWESOME when it's done!!!  Since we're using one of Hobby Horse's Justine Tunics I will likely enter it into next year's Designer Contest and maybe I'll keep going UP in placings.  Ha!

2013 Contest Post Link - 2nd Place
2012 Contest Post Link - This is the one I made for R Lil Bit of Cash, 3rd Place

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