Monday, August 24, 2015

Once Upon a Time...

It has been nearly 7 years since I became a horse owner for the first time.  I remember the emotions of those first few days so well.  I went back to the first few blog posts, just to see what they said.  I thought I'd bring you back to when this blog started.... the day after I agreed to buy my very first horse.   I hadn't even brought him home yet. :)

What I just love, is what I articulated as my first set of Overanxious fears: finances, my "nerve", him getting sick, him hating me, being too busy to ride....

Finances: Always an issue.  Horses are expensive.  Horse care is expensive.  There is always more STUFF I want. But I've managed to manage.

My "nerve": It came back, mostly, but I am still more comfortable with a quiet horse.  I think the biggest key to getting my nerve back was riding enough to get my balance back.  Riding through a buck or a spook is a lot easier when you have a solid seat.

Him getting sick: Well, yeah.  That happened.   It was awful.  It's still awful.  I miss him every day.  I will have a Junior-sized hole in my heart forever.  Colic is still scary to me and it will always be scary to me.  But I lived through it.  I'm still here.

Him hating me:  I should have worried about me hating him!  Those first six months were horrible.  I was terrified of him and he had no respect for me..... we worked it out eventually and I know he "loved" me or he wouldn't have worked for me the way he did.  I certainly loved him.

Being too busy to ride: Oh yeah, that happens all the time, but it balances out.  I've found, though, that even when I'm my busiest I've found that if I take the time to ride, the busy doesn't seem as overwhelming.  It's amazing what a little barn time can do. :)

And don't you wonder what brought on this bout of history and reflection?


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  1. Sounds like someone is horse shopping? :)