Tuesday, March 22, 2016

When in Rein...

When in Rein....ing, you get sliders!

Since I have a reiner, someone suggested I actually DO the reining thing and put sliders on my horse.

So I did.

It's a whole neeeeeeeewwwww wooooooooooorld!!!!!

We just got the shoes on March 8th and we've had limited rides since then because 6 days were spent on a work trip.

Our trainer/farrier spent a few hours with us after the shoeing to make sure we felt comfortable.  He helped us with some exercises for stopping and lead changes.  Mostly that day we were lead changing in the corner out of a counter-lope, but today I was able to do a few straight along the long-side, and even a REAL flying change from one circle to the next without him charging or cross-firing (or BOTH!). Still loads of work to do, but there's a glimmer!

I am LOUSY at stopping but we are getting better.  I know Huck knows how and he's much more in shape than August, so it's truly a matter of me learning how to ask him and how to SIT it.  Each of these two photos is of the last slide during a ride after many failed attempts each.  When he actually sticks both feet evenly it feels pretty darn cool. When one slides and the other bounces it feels like I'm going to be launched across the arena.  I have to remember to keep him straight, look ahead and SIT DEEP.  When he truly sticks it, he gets to be done for the day.

So, maybe there's hope for us yet!


  1. Yeesssssss!!! I've had sliders on one of mine and they're fun to play with. Now you're super legit:)

  2. One of the coolest things I've ever done was Ride a Reiner at Congress. They brought in finished Reining horses and we rode the spins, changes and stops. SUPER COOL.