Thursday, July 21, 2016

June 2016 Ranch Horse Show

Since Huck was benched for the June show, I was granted the privilege of showing B's Barbie Horse, "Heath Ledger". Swoon.

Stephanie Moon Photography

I rode Ledger only one day at home.  Easy peasy lead changes and stops. Friggin Unicorn.

We took Ledger to a local open show and I won the Adult Horsemanship and was 2nd in the Adult Ranch Pleasure (rail).  The judge came over and said we really should have won but she saw two breaks of gait and just had to lower my score.  She was pretty much apologizing.

The Ranch show was pretty awesome.  Ledger was a Unicorn and placed high in every class with B. I rode him in the Green Reiner (with no warmup) and we scored a 73.5!  WHAT!?!?!

So now I get to show him at the last two shows, too.  It may actually be possible for us to be in the Top 3 for year end, but I'm not counting on that with only 3 shows under our belt, and the fact that I'm lousy with math.  It will be interesting for me to show two horses in the same class, though.  We'll see how that goes...


  1. He's so pretty. Like so pretty it's not really fair to all the other horses.

  2. RIGHT!?!? Junior was fun to take to shows because he was such a head-turner but THIS Barbie Horse is even more fun! I will say that it's a pain in the a** to have to maintain that hair!

  3. How fun! Blonde Barbie is sooooo pretty <3

  4. oooo I hope you get the year end award :D

  5. SWOON!! That mane! Gah! You guys look great!