Friday, July 24, 2009

Still Lonely

It's been a slow week horsey-wise. With the barn being empty and no lessons I've been concentrating on my job this week. I did spend 14 hours at the fair and the barn yesterday. I volunteered for the Jumping show and then the Versatility show. In between I spent a few hours at the barn with Junior. He's gotten crankier the longer the horses have been gone. He actually came to me in the field on Tuesday! He's been out all by himself, without even anyone in the adjoining field, and now it's been raining so he hasn't been out in a few days. I put his new halter on him, it's Average size, but he has a deceivingly small noggin and I had to punch a new hole in either side of the crown. I took him out and lunged him and though he needed to be smacked a few times for getting snippy he seemed to appreciate the attention. I worked on transitions on the line as well working on making his life miserable if he plays his switching game. I lunged him for about a half hour and then we cooled down by walking around the arena starting to mess with showmanship skills. It was very humid in the indoor in the rain and we were both soaked. He hasn't a clue how to pivot or set up and I haven't a clue how to teach him to do it so we just worked on keeping his head down and about the right distance from me (though he'd rather play with the line) and did stop and starts and backs. He can back okay and he usually trots with me if I ask him to. I think the biggest challenge with him will be keeping his mouth off of me and the line...and the judge. He just wants EVERYTHING in his mouth.

I have begun a closet re-organization project in my apartment. I have a spare room that keeps ending up with piles all over it instead of "a place for everything and everything in it's place." I bought two more bins and transfered all the stuff from this on really big bin into those and moved the big on into the OTHER closet where I've been keeping my horse stuff. I fit in both winter blankets, my show duffel with show-only stuff in it, and Junior's old ankle boots and whatever else I could find to throw in it. Then I emptied the two under-bed storage bins (that are only a good use of space if they FIT under your bed) and are giving them to a friend. So now that closet will be able to hold my saddles on their stands! Yay! Now the room can be more easily used as a guest room. There are still plenty of piles to sort through, but I got a great start on it.

This might be too personal, but I found a seller on ebay that sells my favorite bras. They have X's through the labels and I'm not sure exactly what that means, but for FOUR of them I paid what I would pay for one new at any retail store. These are the only bras I've found that hold my girls without a bounce when I'm riding, and at about $8 a piece including shipping it's the best deal ever. I HATE to feel my chest move when I'm riding and I'm sure if I can feel it move it must look super awesome. Yack.


  1. Not to get too personal (but hey you put the info out there lol) which bras do you find work the best? I would love to find something to help hold things together that doesn't cost an arm and a leg! On another note, I think the X may mean that the item was either a return or it didn't meet with inspection standards for one reason or another. I know up here, any LL Bean clothing that comes thru goodwill or anything like that has an X thru the tag because Bean's has a lifetime guarantee and will exchange clothes/products forever for the original buyer - which meant that people were buying LL Bean items at yard sales and goodwill for "pennies" and returning the items to the stores! They recently started requiring receipts too but hey that's another topic for another day!! :)

  2. I find the Champion style #2893 work well for me, but like jeans, everyone is different. They are totally seamless and have "High Motion Control." They are probably not the most flattering, but my horse doesn't care about a uniboob and what are the odds of meeting a man at the barn. I first found this one at Kohls for about $32. I love that bra and have worn it to death but I'm cheap (would rather spend the # on lessons, etc.) so I hadn't bought any more until I found them for about $8 a piece.

    If you have real trouble finding no-bounce bras, check out this store, they have an army of testers and they rate their bras by # of "barbells."

  3. OOOHHHHH I like the new halter - what colour did you get for JR?

  4. I got the Sage. I originally bought the non-breakaway version in Teal from Rods, but the buckle tip broke and Rods replaced it for me but I chose the less girly friend said I was dressing him like a my little pony... so I got the sage and now have the halter in breakaway and non-breakaway and the matching lead. I like these because I don't like the look of brass hardware. I'm a silver girl.