Saturday, September 19, 2009

Go away, come again.... NOT on show day.

It sure isn't any fun to watch the weather prediction for show day go from 77 degrees and party cloudy to 79 degrees and 60% chance of rain.... outdoor arena. Urgh. I got myself up at 6:30ish this morning to help adjust my clock for the 4:30am alarm tomorrow morning. And being the Overanxious one that I am, I've been searching EquusNow and Rods (since I'm lucky enough to have both of them right in town) for rain gear. I can't seem to locate my western hat cover even though I know I had one at one time. NO idea where else to look. Found the English one which doesn't help since my show helmet isn't velvet. I suppose if all else fails I'll just wear my schooling helmet with the black rain cover on it. Not very pretty, but serviceable and safer than my show hats anyway. You know the rain gear I speak of, it's this stuff. So I'm going to call Rods soon (they don't open the store 'till 10am) and see if they have them but I'm not searching correctly. I care less for my personal comfort than for the protection of my show clothing. Particularly my hunt coat since it's a rather nice RJ Diamond (on sale, don't worry) and my western hat. It wasn't an expensive hat and it's something like 15 years old so it's not like it's a precious thing, but a 3.95 hat cover is better than a new hat. I guess that's one of those things you don't think about until you need it and it's too late. Guess what's going on my shopping list for Congress!!

Allright. I'm awake enough now to consider getting dressed and heading out. Agenda for today: turnout while I do a good clean of his stall, move my stuff from my car to the trailer, good long ride that is hopefully peaceful and cooperative, good full bath with show-clean on his socks, re-clip his clean legs (did a rough clip last night) then he gets blanketed/hooded until KAT comes back from the IEA show today to clip and band him. Then it's off to bed early tonight because 4:30am is not my friend. Neither is rain on a show day. Just my luck.


  1. Good luck at the show - and at finding rain gear!

  2. Good luck at the show - hopefully the rain holds off or is light...