Sunday, September 13, 2009

Last Weekend of Summer

My own riding life has been pretty uneventful this week, and for that I am grateful, but it doesn't give me much to write about, or for you to read. :( So I apologize if I simply ramble.

Junior has been showing small but steady improvement with his whoa, and I even did a jog to halt without using my reins, so that was pretty cool. I have not put a spur-stop on him and I don't really want to. I'd rather be able to halt using my body weight and a light rein. Right now I am using the verbal "whoa" because I'm also working on "whoa" and "stand" on the ground so I'm hoping it all starts to make sense to him. I asked KAT if an audible "whoa" would kill me in an equitation pattern and she said no, but I didn't ask for clarification, i.e. "no" meaning it won't kill you but it will count against you or "no" meaning the judges won't care. There are no patterns for Eq. and HMS at the next show, which, BTW is a week from today. I put the English bit I used at the last show on my bridle for Thursday's lesson and he did REALLY well with it. He hasn't been bad with the regular snaffle but he is SUPER good with his Myler ported Dee. I didn't fare as well because I moved on Wednesday to a 2nd floor apartment and my hamstrings and calves were already on fire before the lesson and when KAT called for 2-point and then posting with stirrups dropped I had to laugh because I could NOT do it. I can post without stirrups (sort of) on a normal day, but there was just zero strength in those quads.

School starts tomorrow and I teach and have meetings until about 10:00 pm and class every day and a few more meetings. KAT is going to put a few training rides on him during the week and I have a private lesson on Thursday so she can walk me through what she does this week. Then Friday afternoon/evening and Saturday I can do some good rides, bathe, clip, and get ready for the show on Sunday.

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  1. It's really nice when things go well. Certain horses seem to really like the Mylar ported D. Good luck with your week!