Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Buddy

Junior has had a rotating set of turnout buddies since we began turning him out last spring. He started with Max, Lefty, and Zippy. Lefty went to another barn early last spring. Then Vienna, the little Arab mare started going out with them and Max went on stall rest and is still not being turned out with the others. (He and Junior get to go out together on weekends, though, when Max's mom is there to watch.) Then we sadly lost poor Vienna. Recently, a new addition came into the group, a little Welsh Pony gelding named Charlie. or "Chuckles" as I've heard some people call him. I have a soft spot for Welshies and it seems Junior does, too. I've not witnessed it yet, but I've had many reports of the two geldings playing halter tag and play fighting. It seems Junior finally found someone who will play rough with him. We're constantly finding little scrapes on him, but his attitude is GREAT. He's having so much fun! Here's Charlie and then a few pictures (taken by one of Max's girls) of Junior messing with him. I was told JR dragged him backwards by the tail flap..... sure hope that's a strong blanket!


"What? What'd I do?"


  1. That is funny! I guess we know how those blankets get holes in them, hee hee! Glad Junior has a new buddy he enjoys. My horse is alone, but, that is best for now. He's been with mares at his previous owners, but I worry about turning him with my sister's mares as MB was a stallion for a few years before gelded and old habits die hard, LOL! I feel sad that he doesn't have any pasture mates to nuzzle on, though!

  2. That last picture is TOO cute! :)

    I'm glad he found a buddy that plays with him. It always makes a big difference when you can find a pair that work well together in the pasture.

  3. I can't blame them for pulling on the blankets - it does look like fun!

  4. I love it when they get to play and find a good play mate!