Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy to move on!

What is it about shedding season that makes me find myself taking a super extra-long shower at the end of a barn day?!?!

I really appreciate everyone's well wishes and advice with Junior's mystery episode on Wednesday. Though I get down-right sick with worry when anyone suggests the symptoms may mean really really bad things like laminitis (gulp), I really do appreciate hearing from people who have more experience and more education that I have. I'd rather be the overanxious/overcautious horseowner than the naive and neglectful horseowner, and it is so hard to describe symptoms and events sufficiently when I do not have an advanced terminology. Cedar View, I had to google subcutaneous edema. LOL! I do not know what exactly was done for vaccinations on Wednesday. I will call them on Monday and try to find out exactly what they used. I do keep a record of all of his vet work, but I noticed the bills don't have the brand names of the vaccines, just what they were vaccinating against. This is the first time since I've had him that he's had this severe of a reaction. I described him as "cranky" during this round last spring, but that was it. I will also try to find out if they used the same brand before, etc. I remain more ignorant about vaccines/schedules than I should be and since the barn takes care of it all I have been enabled. Just like it took me this long to learn what I know about nutrition, I still have a lot to learn. I am a firm believer that I don't know anything. I know more than some people, but so much less than others. If I've learned anything about horses it's that there is always more to learn. These are the days I wish I had gone to college for Equine Science!

Speaking of vet bills, I finally got the one for his eye. I really didn't know what to expect, but now I have a better idea what it costs just to have them show up. I'm just thankful that I can pay for it, but I hope it don't have to pay for another one anytime soon!

Junior was totally normal again today and rather on the cuddly side. We rode and then worked on showmanship. Monday's showmanship session (not a lesson) was total crap. He had gotten to a point where he seemed to forget what I was trying to get him to do when I asked him to move his feet square, same with pivots. He has been either forgetting everything, or just being dumb about it, so I felt the need to move back to the basics of showmanship. Yesterday we ONLY worked on walk/trot, stop, and set up. Just that. Then today we did that and pivots and he was SOOOOO much better. Maybe now that *I* know more about what we're doing we just need to go back and review things step by step. Today I felt like he was really really trying to do what I was asking, unlike Monday when he was focusing on everything BUT me. Maybe one of these days I'll realize that those days are few and far between and should simply not be days to force the issue because it has zero benefit. Again, I still have so much to learn!

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  1. Ahhh, so much to learn. This is true. I learn every day, and I'm never 100% confident of my knowledge (or lack thereof). But I really like these stupid horses and their stupid ailments and bills and worries that they bring. Anyway, I'm glad he's better and if anything, this is just another situation to learn from.

    With regard to showing, Wifey just called from Gordyville - her first APHA show with Mater - and they blew SMS. Did his pattern PERFECT but would not stand for inspection.

    BUT they ROM'd in E.Eq and WP, and maybe in Horsemanship!

    That lil' horse is a diamond