Monday, August 9, 2010

My Horse Has Mental Problems.

My horse has mental problems. Or perhaps he's a masochist. Why else would he wound himself in the face THREE TIMES since the end of June!?!?! I found this new one today. Wasn't there yesterday. My awesome BM had already put Tri-Care on it for me. She rocks. You can see the first one just above and inside his eye and the one he did early in July up towards the middle of his face. Both are healed and getting their hair back and this one will heal too... just like the others and just like the multitude of abrasions that cover his left side. *Sigh* Masochist.

In other news: One step forward seems to always equal two steps back. While I was away he got some irritation from probably bug bites (they're out over night in the summer) and the BM asked if I had a fly sheet. I did but couldn't get it to the barn until I got back last weekend. It's not a great one. It was technically free because I got it for $10 at the State Line Tack tent sale at congress two years ago and then sold some of the other stuff I got for more than my total bill that day. Anyway, after wearing it for a week his shoulders are rubbed bald. I. CANNOT. WIN. I like him wearing it for bug and bite protection, but now his shoulders are bald. Do I need to go spend $65 for a softer fly sheet like THIS ONE? I really don't WANT to. With my luck that one will get torn to shreds. He's really hard on stuff....not sure if you've noticed...

In BETTER news our ride today was a huge improvement. Trotting was much more fluid and extended. His left lead started out really really rough but with some lifting and encouraging he straightened himself out. Overall a big improvement over yesterday and our best ride all week.


  1. LOL!! I wonder what he keeps bumping his face on?

    And OF COURSE you should buy him the $65 fly sheet! It is not your concern if he rips it shortly thereafter... your job is to buy him a replacement at that time. :)

  2. Maybe not a 65 dollar one, maybe more like a 30 dollar one would suffice.
    Horses are always getting into trouble. They're just like overgrown toddlers really. My mare got all scratched up simply because she keeps butting the stall in hatred at the horse next to her. She won't be happy until that stall is empty once again!

  3. Some horses are lucky to be alive given their propensity for finding things to gouge themselves on. Now I know why they practically wrap show horses in bubble wrap...

    I take it fly spray doesn't work?