Saturday, August 14, 2010

"The Tack-Box-To-Be" Part III Beta -More Progress!

The door is constructed!

Bridles will go on the right side and the pantry shelves go on the left side. Almost time to stain/poly!

I am SO ready to have this box in use. I had a routine at the old barn and I can't seem to get into a groove yet. I keep making seventeen trips back and forth from the tack room to the crossties, leaving the barn with my half-chaps on, or without my sunglasses. I spent the first week shuffling stuff back and forth from the barn to my apartment. It doesn't help that I had a show right before I moved so I left lots of stuff at home I didn't think I'd need but then realized I did. I baby my English saddle WAY more than I babied my western work saddle so that's been some juggling, too, making sure it was always covered and on a proper rack. I could just set my work saddle on the ground on it's horn and not worry about it. Not so much with a saddle I show in!

So I am VERY ready to have this box in place so I can re-organinze and get back into a routine. I find comfort in the old saying "A place for everything and everything in it's place." I was even helping my BO with re-organizing the lesson tack room yesterday. The label maker will probably make an appearance before long....


  1. The door looks great - I'm sure the rest will too!

    I'm a tack organizer too - at least I try. We spend so much on it that I think it is best to try and take care of it. Being able to find it when you need it helps too!

    I took lessons at this arabian barn a few years ago and they had two of those hanging bridle/halter hooks (I used them in the past to hang a bridle to clean it) and they had each one covered in halters, bridles and pieces of leather tack. You just grabbed something and hoped that it fit your horse. It drove me crazy!

  2. Making progress!! It looks really good. Did you decide on a color yet?

    I was able to organize nicely at the new place (especially compared to the old place) but I haven't moved anything since moving in because of Lilly's abscess. ARGH! So we'll see when I'm actually able to use my stuff.

    Being organized is a great feeling, though. Especially with all the stuff horses require. :)