Saturday, September 11, 2010


The other day I set up my camera on the tripod to try to catch some of our transitions and our pole work. I'm a visual learner so seeing what we look like helps me act like my own trainer. I will not show you what I videoed because it's dreadfully embarrassing. George Morris would simply throw up. I may use it later once I've done some improving so I can show some progress, but for now I'll just hide it.

I did NOT know I was recording the following video. I had to put the camera at the fenceline and I could not see the LCD screen. I thought I turned it off, but I accidentally started recording and then walked back to the barn, tacked up, and came back out so there were several minutes of the trees blowing in the breeze. I needed to re-set the poles. When I uploaded the videos and found it I was kind of intrigued. This is us totally relaxed, totally just the way we are, not trying to pose or be correct.

Then yesterday for the first time I had to get him from the field to ride because they've switched to day-time turnout now that it's fall. All three boys were standing by the gate. He'd lost his fly mask yet again so I took a quick walk around the field to try to find it. He came right to me and then he followed me the whole way. Right behind me. Stopping when I stopped. He didn't even have a halter on and the other two boys stayed waiting by the gate.

It's a little thing, but I cannot help but get a super warm-fuzzy about it. Two years ago this would not have happened. One year ago this would not have happened. The best part? This is only the beginning. Happy (somewhat belated) Anniversary, BugBug.


  1. That is such an adorable video. It makes my heart warm too! It's the greatest thing when horses trust us enough to follow us around.

  2. perfect. That was a perfect moment to capture. What a happy accident.

  3. Isn't that such a great feeling? :)

    The video was also very sweet. The best moments seem to be captured when no one is aware.