Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pictures of Roan

Happy Holiday Weekend! I begged Max's oldest girl to snap some photos of us cantering yesterday and she obliged. Then she sneakily took a bunch more while I was standing and chatting with her mom. I would like her to follow me around all the time. She is only 15, can you believe it? I sure love how his roan looks in black & white!

I'm not sure how our cantering looks from this one photo, but it is feeling SO much better. We don't look much like the stock horse English, but I'm okay with that. I remember a long time ago thinking that his footfalls at the canter were so light, but for a while there they felt like they were made by drunk elephants. Now they are stating to feel like feathers again!

That second to last picture is actually me roping a jump standard. I actually got it for the first time. Brings a new meaning to Wenglish...


  1. Really nice pictures! I ride Wenglish as well - although no roping!

  2. Ohmygosh. Can this girl come and follow me around too?? These are some gorgeous pictures. I'm a sucker for the classic look of black and whites.

  3. Gorgeous pictures!

    His roan color really does look neat in black and while. I'd have to make a Junior collage for my wall!