Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Looks like Mud

Ugh. It's beginning to look a lot like...Mud season. We had a good deal of rain yesterday and since it's fall the ground vegetation is sparse and it's prime time for mud. Junior decided to take full advantage of it. I know you horse people have seen this before in your own barns, but I had nothing else to share today. You've seen the video of him rolling in this stuff when it was dry. It's the kind of mud that dries quickly but turns into super fine micro-dust when you go to remove it. I was totally covered in it. Definitely a Neti Pot night! I found that my Shed Flower is perfect for this kind of mud, at least on the fleshy parts. It just billows out and clouds around and the bigger bits jump off and smack me in the face. Ick. I REALLY need to try out that shopvac!

Doctor J was out today to look at Mac and he took a peek at Junior's face and said it looks good. He said he'd like to see more hair, but if you look at the area below the place the skin tore, you can see more hair in today's photo than in the one from 11 days ago. I still hope there'll be more growth, but it's a start. I'm just still SOOO thankful it wasn't worse, he didn't rip his stitches out, and that it healed very well.


  1. oh my! there is nothing that I dread more!! mud SUCKS!!!!!

  2. HAHA! Good job, Junior! He got almost every part of his body! :)

    Have you used a shop-vac on horses before? I was tossing around the idea of getting a vacuum, but they are SO expensive. A shop-vac on the other hand, would be much more cost effective, assuming it works and Lilly doesn't kill herself/me in the process.

    I think his face looks a LOT better now than it did in the first picture. There's quite a bit more hair there.

  3. Don't you just love this time of year? If you think THAT'S bad, Go look at the pictures I just posted of my very dirty girl...LOL I HATE MUD!!!

    BTW Junior's face looks much better!

  4. It's mud time!!! (the horses say with delight!)

    That wound is healing up beautifully!

  5. I find that the best thing for getting mud off is a shedding blade. I unhook it so it is a straight blade (instead of curved) and scrape away. Then I brush him. It takes a lot less effort than anything else I have tried. I live in Oregon and deal with mud on a daily basis in the winter!
    I like your new blog header!

  6. But thats the GOOD mud! Around here, all you get is the wet stuff, which you cant hope to get off. When its dry like that its so much easier to brush it all off! I envy your mud! :)

    And Junior's "cut" is looking so much better!

  7. @strivingforsavvy, The Shed flower is a lot like the shedding blade, actually. It's plastic and toothed, you can use it one handed, and you can go straight or circular. I'm totally trying the shopvac today! And thanks! I finally got my Photoshop back. :)

  8. The cut is looking so much better...why did he have to mar his cute face?! ugh.
    I dont get the mud..why do they LOVE it? Are they hot with their winter coats? Does it itch their spots? Who knows but Laz is obsessed with looking like an un loved un cared for horse that you would see on Animal planet rescue, covered in M.U.D.