Thursday, February 10, 2011

WTFriday #3

In my hunting for saddles I have come across some eye catching things that I thought I'd share with you.

Kinda makes you want to see what it looks like under a blacklight, doesn't it?

That overlay is a bit thick to put on the jockey, don't you think? And they should probably put the pad on the right direction...

WHY oh WHY is everything patriotic so fugtastic? And do they think the pile of dirty laundry on the ugly 70's chair will help the sale?

I thought they had better taste in the olden days...
it seems I was wrong.

Then called this next one a "Modern Western Saddle"...

Thats.... lots green.

At this rate they really ought to make the pommel and seat zebra, too, or at least either hot pink or lime...

We over here we've got...


  1. Wow - those are some hideous saddles! The patriotic one looks like something from a drill team in the 80s or something!

  2. It never ceases to amaze me about peoples bad taste. There seem to be an a lot of hideous saddles out there. I sometimes wish ebay had a link I could click to avoid all the really hideous stuff.

  3. I saw that extremely blue Tex Tan for sale on HorseClicks, and could not help but just don't understand how someone would ever think it would sell, but it's even stranger that such a saddle would actually appeal to someone!

  4. I actually think that blue thing is the worst of them all, and that's saying something! Yuck!

  5. I'm with Luara, hideous is the perfect word. LOL