Saturday, February 12, 2011

Product Review - SHE System Gloves

If you're just joining us, you can read the pre-purchase post HERE.

I've been using the gloves for a few weeks now. It's been getting a little warmer, of course, but even on the coldest of days when Ohio was imitating Minnesota, they seemed to keep my hands as warm as anything ever has. I have not needed to use hand warmers.

Overall I consider them a good purchase, even though they were on the pricey side. There are some details I'd like to share:
  • I've been layering them with Silk Glove Liners. The inner gloves are quite thin in the fingers to provide greater dexterity, but too thin for the coldest days.
  • The glove fingers ARE too long and sometimes get in my way, but since they are not lined I may be able to alter them slightly. They're a S/M size and are supposed to fit the "shape of a woman's hand" but they are clearly speaking of a much heftier style of woman.
  • Maneuvering the finger and thumb flaps took some getting used to and were rather frustrating in the first few days, but have become second nature.
  • They have actually gotten TOO warm a few times but since the outer mitt is easy to slide off it's a quick fix.
  • Somewhere between riding and cleaning stalls I developed a hefty blister on the pinky side of the first knuckle of my right ring finger. But since that's not where the rein is supposed to sit anyway, maybe it's a good reminder to start holding it right.
  • They are WASHABLE!!! Hooray! I did have to email the company and ask for the washing instructions since they were absent from any of the tags, hang-tags, or box. Machine cold - air dry. Works great!
  • The black suede-like fingers have dyed the glove liners black... not sure if they would have done the same to my fingers or not.
  • On the coldest days I could actually RIDE with three fingers inside the mitts.
  • The mitts eliminate ALL chance of dexterity for tacking, but I was able to clean stalls in them and use brushes.
  • The over-mitts can be worn with ANY other glove, which will be nice for those days when you need to layer on and off constantly.
  • I LOVE the magnets. Most gloves like this use velcro. The magnets do not hold shavings/hair like velcro can, and I only need to get the flaps close to their magnet and they pull themselves together on their own.
They seem to be sold out nearly everywhere, but perhaps by next fall they'll be back in stock at Cabelas.

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  1. I think I might have to get a pair of these for next year... I was looking at getting those mittens that are divided up between your ring finger and your pinky finger for the reins to go, but these might be even better because there are so many ways you can wear them. And, they'd be better for grooming and tacking up.

    Mittens seem to be the best option for me for keeping my fingers warm, but they're not very conducive to riding.