Friday, January 6, 2012


I love the term "unseasonable" during the winter.  Not so much during the summer.  It was 50 degrees today, so Junior got a few minutes of January... on green grass... amazing!

One of my college students came out to ride Junior this morning.  Junior seems to have a particular dislike of college-aged boys, I assume from his 10 months as a lesson horse for a college gym program when most of the boys were there to get their one "athletic" credit done and nothing more.  I doubt they gave him much love and were probably big and unbalanced and bouncy and were most of the cause of his slide into evil-pony that he became before I pulled him out of that situation.  So I don't really blame him, but he seems to like this kid okay, probably because they're from the same state. Go Texas.  He's also not a bad rider for someone without much training. He wants to learn and Junior's a pretty patient teacher.  Junior still gives me "the look" whenever he goes by me, you know, the "um... why are you making me do this" look, but he did what he was asked, mostly, and didn't do anything stupid or dangerous so that's a WIN.

After the ride I untacked him in the arena and waved a dressage whip at him... the sound is a good motivator!  And surprisingly,  this is what happened.... and it's only about a third of the show and this is VERY unlike him! I guess someone was feeling a bit unseasonable... thankfully he was a perfect angel for the ride!


  1. GORGEOUS! And all the snorting definitely made me giggle.

  2. Looks like someone was feeling good today! Glad he did well for the college boy.

  3. OH JUNIOR! THat was sooo cute i liked the little jump. IM not gunna lie, Im jealous of that arena. ;)

  4. Yes, Milo, I really love how huge it is, and the outdoor is even bigger. And the indoor is pretty much empty until 4pm on weekdays when lessons start, and even then it's not bad because there are only 4 or fewer riders per lesson. I just wish I could RIDE in it right now! :)