Friday, January 27, 2012

What The Friday!?!?! #6

Here for you consideration and amusement: The Equine Miracle Harness!!!!!

"The Miracle Harness is a miracle. It really works real good." Quote from YouTube video:

And just in case you were unsure of the meaning of the word MIRACLE:

One look at this Miracle Harness and you will be SURE to understand it's colossal potential and it will become your go-to training device! HOW have we trained horses for thousands of years without this!?!?! Surely Divine Intervention has given us this marvel!  Yes!  You can have total control over a horse "up to 1000 lbs"! 

This item, and I quote:

"allows the handler total control of both the head and body at all times."  

"Safely teach your horse the following concepts and commands while instilling confidence in the animal and handler, and making training more enjoyable for everyone!

Cross Tying
And MUCH more!"

It gives you confidence that you can overpower a 1000 lb animal!!!!

Perfect for all the un-handled two year old cross-bred studs you can find on Craigslist! Get yours today!!!!

Click here to buy your own Miracle Harness on Etsy!

And yes, I know similar devices have been around for a while.  My own favorite Horsemastership book suggests using a lead rope or a simple rope loop behind the rear of a FOAL to help teach it to lead.  You can also purchase a sturdy looking FOAL leading harness HERE for about the same price. But with the Miracle's good for horses up to 1000 lbs!  Woot!


  1. Hahaha, this thing made me laugh to. I'd love to see them use it on those horses who plant their feet, rear, and whirl at trailer loading. Oh wait. They wouldn't do that if they were wearing the Miracle Harness.

  2. It's the colors that really bring out the magic in this gimmick.

  3. cross tying? I fail to see how...