Sunday, March 17, 2013

Grrrrr! Oh, yes I did!

Call me a wuss, but I really wanted a sheepskin seat saver.  I don't really know if they're supposed to save the saddle's seat or the rider's, but either way I wanted one.

So when, for the SECOND time, Tack of the Day offered a discounted ECP SeatSaver ... that happened to be TIGER PRINT .... I committed to the purchase.

I rode in it only once so far.  I didn't experience any major life-altering level of comfy tush, but it was nice.  And it's hilariously tacky, so I think it was a good investment.  :)

Does anyone else use one?  Anything I should know about using one? Does it have the potential to damage my saddle with prolonged use??


  1. I have a sheepskin one -- I do use it for long trail rides, when I remember it! My butt will still get sore after 7 hours, LOL, but it does help and I like it a lot! Nope, no saddle damage.

  2. LOL I commend your purchase. However, it begs a very serious question: is there a tiger in Junior's tank?


  3. I have one and I also have a Toulouse saddle. I found it protects the saddle and honestly, I really love it. I now have TWO. lol In the winter it is especially comforting.

  4. I have a sheepskin one on my western saddle - I love it!Good for longer trail rides too. Although, my new coach does not like it - it is not traditional for western riding! lol I told her it was my trail saddle and not to worry - I won't use one at a show! ;-) I don't think it would harm the saddle, unless one of the sraps was rubbing the leather somehow...

  5. Good for you!
    I have had many of these sheepskins, and they do protect the saddle top. Depending on the quality and plushness, can really provide a certain amount of CUSHY support- for one's bum too!

    I recently evolved into needing MORE support in the lower regions. My stablemate has Heather Moffit's "seatbone saver". She is from the UK and has a neat website called 'Enightened Equitation". I got one of hers that is Aeronautical engineered . Its like butter, I love it!
    It is on my blog about 3 posts down, in photo of saddle,

    I LOVE tack of the day!