Thursday, September 10, 2015

Pony Progress.

Huck is officially 14.2 so I can truly say I have a PONY!

Since my last post I had my last show with Kevin and made great progress with Huck.

The show went quite well.  I was happy with Kevin's behavior and performance.   I just tried to relax and enjoy the weekend since it was our last show of the season and my last ever show with Kevin. We ended up in the top 5 for all four of our classes!  2nd in Horsemanship, 3rd in Ranch Riding, 4th in Green Boxing and 5th in Green Reining.
Ranch Riding class.

The gal that was only .5 behind me for the Green Versatility buckle didn't come to the show so I know I increased my lead. The year-end results haven't been announced yet so I can't be certain exactly where we are in the Buckle race, but I'll let you know when I know!  A few other greenies had a good show, too.

Late night bareback on a draft!
B roped her first cow and got 2nd in the Freestyle Reining so that was super cool.  The show ended much earlier than any of the other shows because we moved both horsemanship and both trail classes to the grass field so we could run concurrently AND there were really just the season die-hards there, no newbies to fill up the classes.  We were showing to 11pm and even 12:30am at the other shows so when we were finished before we even had to turn the arena lights on, we didn't know what to do with ourselves!  I got to eat my steak in the light!  A few people got out their horses and there were some bareback shenanigans.  There may have been some drinking involved but nobody did anything too stupid and nobody got hurt.    I only watched, but I did hop on our friend's big Belgian gelding just to try him out.  Big sofa, that guy.  I also fell in love with his new puppy, Oliver and tried to take him home with me.

Sweet little Oliver

Just chillin' under the trailer.
 Huck is great!  He is coming along nicely, each ride is better than the last.  I'm learning his buttons and trying not to break them.  He's re-learning how to be a working horse who has to do hard things like stand quietly tied...

.... and allowing his girlfriend's owner to come take her horse away from him.  I started schooling him on this tonight, making him stay well back while I haltered her and led her into their run-in stall and into the barn aisle.  I took a stick/string with me and he understood the message.

But, under saddle he's a saint, just goes and does his job. We even ponied him with the ATV down to the creek last night with four dogs running around and he wasn't bothered at all.  He went right into the creek when B led him in (she was wearing water boots, I was not) and was really chill for his first adventure into the woods.

Why am I tied?


  1. Sounds like fun and good times all around!

  2. Huck is SO CUTE! I love his big, white blaze