Thursday, September 17, 2015

Trail Horse? Check!

I've been pleasantly surprised with each ride on Huck.  He's getting stronger so quickly and I find him to be willing to please.  He remains more alert and jumpy than I am used to, but we had our first real spook today and I was able to ride it out without any trouble.  I can't explain it, but even though he's exactly the type of horse I would normally be very nervous around, I am NOT nervous about him. Sometimes when he jumps I jump, but I'm getting desensitized to it.  When I try slapping the training stick/string on the ground, he hides behind me. He hates it so he hides behind me. At least he is showing that he trusts me... or maybe I'm anthropomorphizing?  He'll always be alert and sensitive and hopefully that'll mean that he's going to be responsive and agile in the reining and cow work.  He's already getting better with standing tied, though I hear he still has a hard time when his GF, Jackie is taken away from him.

Jackie was very helpful in coaxing Huck through our water obstacle on the trail course.  The water is not clear in the obstacle so it's actually more scary for the horses than the actual creek.

Today we took a trail ride.  How spoiled are we that we have 80 acres to play on!?!?!  Had a few moments where he preferred Ledger to go ahead of us, but other than1 that he was in the lead the whole time.  We went into the creek and rode downstream and got out at another place. There were lovely little minnows and crayfish in the clear water.

In the meadow of goldenrod we were treated to butterflies of all kinds, and even a small snake at one point.  It was so beautiful and it smelled so fresh. Huck just went along easy, though he's much faster than Ledger so he and B kept having to jog to catch up.  Such a perfect afternoon!

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