Friday, November 6, 2015

Huck's New Halter

A new halter, just for my Huckleberry.

I just love it and I think Huckleberry's rather handsome in teal.  
I wanted to have a personalized  halter in our wardrobe.  I had this cute brown/pink one made for Junior a while back...

I didn't want to do the embroidery again. I didn't want to do leather with a metal plate...too English  ;) but I also don't care for the bronc style (too barrel racer), so I started looking for inspiration.    I found The Lazy H Studios LLC on Etsy.  I also found her facebook page and found a leather noseband style that I just fell in love with.  I love that I could get both his show name and his barn name on a 1" leather noseband!  It came with different conchos but I purchased copper conchos to match the halter hardware. I wanted the paint color to match the teal halter so she let me mail her the noseband piece to use for reference.

You simply cut the nylon noseband off of the halter and replace with the leather one.  I took the time to rip out the stitches "just in case" I want to have the old one stitched back on... but I do not recommend that; it took forever and I have no desire to try to sew it back on.

Lazy H was great to work with and the noseband was very reasonably priced at only $25 with free shipping.

Oh, and guess who's graduated to standing like a big boy, tied, ALONE withOUT bucking, rearing, or kicking the wall?  He even stayed quiet while I left him alone and cleaned all the stalls out of his sight!!

This weekend we have two full days of a reining clinic.  Time to figure out if I'm pressing the buttons correctly!


  1. His halter looks amazing! And thanks a lot... now I have to have one.

  2. Love the halter! I'm with you on the other halters not fitting the bill.

  3. Nothing sexier than blue on a chestnut! ;)

  4. Looks great! What a neat idea. I have a leather with the brass plate and one from Congress with his barn name embroidered. I've been told I have a bit of a halter problem, so maybe I'll hold off ordering a 3rd one! lol