Friday, November 27, 2015

Still Thankful

I wrote the clinic post right after, but forgot to post it.  I re-read it before I posted it and refrained from editing. It was such a hopeful, happy post that I wanted to record that feeling. Since the clinic, though, we have stalled quite a bit.

As is any life with horses, there are ups and downs, plateaus and mountains.  So I know this is all normal and NBD.

Since the high of the clinic, I opened a big ol'dance concert with around 70 costumes, which meant I had to take about two weeks with only one ride/week.  So I am not surprised that the good work of the clinic, culminating in that first-try lead change has gone out the window.  I have not been able to get a lead change since that day.  Ugh.  I know it's all me, it's all how I'm riding, not a fault of my horse.

Dinner time?

We have a lot of work ahead of us.  Thank heaven our show season does not start until May.

In addition to the riding issues, we have scratches.  I've never had scratches before so the spot got to be a decent size before I realized it was a thing.  On Tuesday I soaked the foot in warm water and removed all the crusty stuff, then gently scrubbed with Betadine and dried thoroughly.  I then clipped the whole area very close and coated it in Wonder Dust.

Today after our ride, I removed where the crust was thickening, cleaned and dried it and applied more Wonder Dust.  I THINK it is looking better, but since this is my first experience I am only guessing.  The farrier comes on Monday and I'm sure he's seen it plenty of times.  I'll get his opinion and then call the vet if needed.  
November 8th.
November 24th, after cleaning.  :( 
Today, after a ride, a little sandy from the arena.

BUT.  I am still thankful for my stout little red horse. I am thankful for the beautiful farm we call home.  I am thankful I have a job that lets me (most of the time, anyway) have time to ride and a salary that makes horse ownership possible. I am thankful for my fun, supportive horse friends, and I am thankful for my readers that keep me thinking harder about what I do, what I say, and how I say it.

I hope you had a safe and comfortable Thanksgiving.


  1. Ugh scratches are super annoying! :(

  2. Lead changes are tough. It takes a while to fully cement them in other horse and rider. You'll get there though -- I have confidence in you both!!

  3. Ugh, sorry you have to deal with the scratches -- at a previous farm, Solo got them in the winter on his white heels. I was able to kick it by cleaning them off & then coating the bejeebus out of them with lots of generic Desitin (thank you, cheap drug store things I can use on horses!!). It makes a great fungus/moisture barrier.