Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Goodbye 2015

This year is not ending super well, so I'm looking forward to the New Year.

Not only did Huck require stitches in his face, he has a big ol' cut on his inside right-hind hock.  He did it sometime in the morning last Friday.  I arrived at the farm to see the vet (different one from the big clinic) getting out of his truck.  Impeccable timing I have, especially since I had no idea when the vet was actually coming.

I opened the stall door to see Huck standing just outside the door in the paddock with dried blood all down his leg.  GAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!  Of course I panicked, but he walked in sound and since the vet was there I had him take a look at it. It was ouchy to touch but he assured me it was superficial.  I lunged him both ways he was sound.  Not super willing, but sound.

I shaved it up (I failed to get a photo of how it looked when I brought him in, sorry) and we got a better look at it.  I have NO idea how this one happened.  Again I looked all around the paddock for anything of the right height and the right sharpness, but to no avail.  I think he may have kicked at someone and maybe stuck his leg through the fence?

Thanking my lucky stars (and the barn owner)  once again that we have an Insta-Hot, I was able to wash the wound well with aloedine and coated it in Tri-Care antibiotic ointment.  He also got 3 days of banamine.

The vet had taken the stitches out and I wanted to hang out with Huck a little more so we went into the arena where the lighting is tremendous and discovered that the cut on his head was open about 1/8".  I took a photo and sent it to the vet who stitched him up asking if it was still okay.  He replied that it looked good.  I filled it with Tri-Care and put his fly mask back on. The next day it was even more open. It does not look infected or anything, but I am ticked off that instead of a tiny scar he's going to have an ugly one because the vet decided to take the stitches out before it was fully healed.  Good thing he's a ranch horse and not a prissy show horse.

Saturday :(
Saturday was our barn Christmas party and I made him dress up and play two pony games, regardless of his injuries.  He still wasn't really into working, but he was sound and the walk and trot and we even won a trot race against a much lankier horse.

We won the costume contest.  I was going for "Festive Elf."  "Festive" is sometimes used as a polite word for "Tacky."   We would have done more, but it was very very cold and I couldn't feel my fingers so I stopped. I had to put on my jacket after a while, too. Brrrrrrr.

We took the bow off because it freaked out one of the calmest horses in the barn!

I am thankful that theses injuries are not serious and my horse seems to be chill about it all.  I coated him with Tri-Care and gave him his last dose of banamine paste on Sunday out in the field with no restraint.  Gooooood boy.

I am home with my family in Minne-sconsin for a week and I know Brenda is taking great care of my pony. Hopefully by the time I get back we can put this behind us and concentrate on the four months until our first show...... yikes!

Happy Christmas, Happy Hanukah (late), Happy Solstice (only a day late), Happy Festivus, and Happy New Year!

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