Monday, December 14, 2015

The One Where History Repeats Itself

Just when you're feeling all secure and things are going so well.....

BLAM!  Something to freak out over. I wanted to post about the awards banquet first and separately, I didn't want either bit of news to conflict with the other...

I got a text Wednesday afternoon.... isn't it weird you can always tell when there's bad news?  B simply asked if I was "going to the barn" that afternoon.... "going?"  not "coming"?!?! That sounds like danger... on further inquiry, she informs me that she's not home but the afternoon feeder said my horse had a "gash" on his head. She sent me a photo... I knew from experience that photos can be deceiving so...

Forget you, "Work Meeting", I'm off to wait for the vet... in my work clothes. I had a panic attack in the car but was able to remind myself that IT'S JUST A FLESH WOUND and HE'S NOT COLICKING.  I realized at that moment that I'll never be "over" the fear of losing a horse.

You may recall me getting a similar call back in 2010 when Junior decided to test the resiliency of equine facial skin.

He survived the ordeal and had the scar to prove how interesting he was.  I've already told Huck he is only allowed to emulate his late brother-from-another-mother this one time.  No more.  We have no idea what he did it on.  Three of us combed the paddock and can find no plausible danger.

The current theory is that his girlfriend punched him in the face.

Apparently she's taken to striking the boys instead of just squealing and tossing her head.  In case you're wondering if she could get her front hoof that high, watch this snippet from the recent film Unbranded (which is worth seeing for the scenery if not for the crazy): Unbranded Cactus

Huck fared better and worse. He only received 9 stitches (3 subcutaneous) compared to Junior's 14, but it was grosser and deeper and far too close to the eye for my comfort level.

I got the call at 4:30pm and the vet didn't get there until after 6 so it was a chilly worry-filled wait.  Eventually B came home and between us, her husband, son, and Kevin's owner, Huck had quite an audience for his little surgery.

The vet and tech were both really great.  I hadn't met either before, as is likely in an equine emergency when your regular vet and back-up vet are both busy.  They answered all my questions and were kind and helpful. Huck apparently takes a LOT of juice to sedate and between the tetanus booster, the antibiotics, the sedation, and the locals, he had a countless number of needle pokes that night.

I found it interesting that they had a giant foam/vinyl box called a "bale" to prop his head on.

I look warm... but I was not.

Sleepy drugged pony.  Owie.

He had a drain until Friday and the wrap came off on Saturday.  He's been doing really well.  He's spent the week in a stall and to everyone's surprise has been relaxed and chill the whole time.  B, having been a nurse, has been a tremendous care-giver this week.  I am so thankful that she takes such good care of my boy.  She's had to give him Banamine paste (that's done now) and mix his grain with powdered antibiotics, shredded carrot and Aloe Vera Juice... which btw is amazing for helping digestion/ulcers, etc.

I tried the helmet, but he shook his head and the side leather ended up over his eye, so no.

Who was that masked horse?

Kevin and Shadowfax wondering what they have to do to eat the grass on Huck's side of the fence!


I rode him lightly today and he did great.  He's bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and cuddly. At this point we are just watching for any late signs of infection and either the stitches will fully dissolve, or we'll get the vet back out to remove them.

Our weather has been incredible and with the brand new Insta-Hot bathing system in the barn (yeah, I board at Horsie-Heaven) I was able to wash his mane and tail on Sunday.  What a treat to have soft clean hair in December!  His scratches, btw, are doing a lot better.  Just being in the stall is helping, but I did get a tube of Desitin today to see if we can get rid of that last stubborn spot.


  1. Huck! Ack, I'm so glad that he's doing okay and now that the cut is healing a bit, it looks so much better. <3

  2. Awww poor guy, glad he will be okay!