Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Economy The Economy The Economy

It's kind of hard to sit here and watch the Spin following the last presidential debate and not worry about the economy. Right now i can afford my horse. I pay his bills, I pay for my gas to get to the barn, and I can still eat and pay rent and watch cable and pay for my internet. I have certainly felt the pinch in this first month, though. I can see the difference in how much $$ is usually left in my checking on the 15th of the month. It's okay right now. I budgeted carefully before I made this decision. But WHAT IF? What if all that changes? What if he gets hurt and I can't justify spending $10,000 on surgery? What if I lose my job? If board goes too high for me to afford? What if? I don't know. I hope I never have to find out.

Luckily I don't worry about these things when I'm at the barn. Our ride tonight was good. He was REALLY good until the lesson that was in the ring left and we'd been riding for about an hour. I just REALLY wanted to try his left lead again because the first time was not so good and with a standing puddle on 1/4 of the arena and 5 students having a jumping lesson it was a little too crowded for my 8-legged moose to attempt his left lead. So once they left we tried again. Oooh he was tough. But I got him and then he went really well. I rode him back to the barn and met KAT on her way to her next lesson. She said she thought he looked good. She didn't see his fit after she left, of course, but it's good to know she thinks he was doing well. I'm coming up on a pretty busy week at the beginning of November so I'm going to have her ride him a few times for me, but to keep him exercised and so that KAT can tell me if I've been doing anything wrong. I really wish I could videotape my rides. I might set up a camera one of these days, just so I can see what he looks like when he's moving. I guess I could do that....set up the camera on my tripod in the mounting corner and I'd get most of the upper end of the arena. Maybe I'll do that. I'd also like to see what he's like when KAT rides him, compared to what he looks like when I ride him. I'm a very visual learner. ;)

All in all I think we did turn that corner I mentioned a few entries back. He still needs work but I actually think I can do it. I'm enjoying riding him and I think we're starting to develop a bond. He's a good boy and I'm really glad he's mine.

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  1. Hey I finally got my computer back, sorry if it seemed like I was ignoring you. Glad things are going great!! I had to put a hold on taking On Star right now because my friends are having marital problems and I don't want my horse to be in the middle of all that!!