Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mid Week Mess (but not about him)

I went out and rode on Sunday and he was pretty good. A little wobbly at his left lead, but there was a bunch of jumps and things in the arena so if he veered a little of track we had to veer even further. I'm figuring out his pattern, though. I have to push him at the trot and really keep on him to drop his head and move out with his hind end. After we do that for a while he starts to ease up and use his back more. Then I can walk him for a bit and lope him. I usually bring him down to a walk between lopes bu he's starting to get anxious about the other lead. He does this thing where he walks crooked and gets jittery. I just wait until he's walking calmly and then I ask him for the other lead.

My lesson on Tuesday went well. Nothing new or unusual. I'm increasingly busy at work though, so I haven't been out since then and i don't think I'll get out again until Saturday evening at the earliest. Again the guilt sets in, but I know he doesn't miss me. He probably doesn't even think about how much time has passed. I don't know enough about horse psychology to know, but I have a feeling horses don't have that much of a concept of time.

I'm going to Congress on Saturday and I'm going to shop for a turn-out blanket for him and whatever else I find that I can't live without.

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