Friday, April 10, 2009

Going in Circles

I rode western tonight, curious to see how he'd be. He was totally fine. He still did that thing for a while where he would stick his face to the wall and sort of go sideways along the rail. I have referred to this before as him doing a "shoulder in" because sometimes he does that instead. It seems to me that he's either simply misbehaving or he's anticipating my asking for a lope. The latter seems odd since he has been doing so well at loping off lately, but I don't know what else it could be. I just keep correcting him until he gives it up and straightens out.

I ended the ride with lots of one-handed loping. He was the best he's ever been at that. I did a bunch of figure-8's with simple changes in between. I tried for a few flying ones but he wasn't having it. And again, that's fine for now. If I counter canter him going towards the right he'll go ahead and correct himself with some cueing, but doing it from right to left gets him all tangled in himself. He's rather one-sided. BUT that being said those circles were very encouraging. He was framed decently and was going nice and slowly and didn't need a ton of correction. The corrections he needed I was able to do one-handed. Unfortunately KAT was in the barn so I couldn't ask her how he looked, but I could tell it was as good or better than we've done so far.

This is why I should try not to freak about every little thing, but, then what would I have to write about? :)

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