Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shoes and Such

Junior's been very good this week. We had a western lesson last night and other that having to start with 5 minutes of extended trot to get some of his fresh out, he worked very well. Posting in western tack is just the epitome of Wenglish! He spent some good time with a nice stretched neck on a loose rein at the walk and jog. The lope still needs work and hopefully KAT will get some time to work on that before the show. His stops were very quick and correct.

Today I went out at about 10:30 and met the farrier. Junior was obviously fresh so I jogged him up and down the aisle a few times, wishing I had enough time to lunge him first so he'd stand still. He trimmed the front and put shoes on. He said the back were fine. He complimented JR's feet and said it was like pounding nails through hardwood. So that's good. He said the thrush is all cleared up and that I should do absolutely NOTHING different with him. That made me feel better and that I should be less paranoid. The farrier is one of those great older horsemen with a firm but kind handshake and a very nifty whisk-broom mustache. Junior was very mouthy the whole time and I tried to keep him occupied with the end of the rope. Just when he was finished he reached down and bit me on the forearm. I have a nice little bruise/welt/broken blood vessel spot but it's not bad. Jerk.

I might go ride tonight, but tomorrow I can't. Perhaps Friday, and then not until after 5 on Saturday. Then I'm probably off (with KAT riding) Monday-Thursday of next week, then on Friday I'll spend the day getting ready for show, Saturday at the grounds, and Sunday is the show. Jeepers it's coming up fast!

My chaps are being delivered today, then I will return the suede ones and get my pants and belt on Friday/Saturday and then I just have to finish the blouse, which I will do on Sunday.

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  1. How exciting, show days always seem so far away and a long way off then all of a sudden! bam, it's the weekend of and the excitement builds and butterflys start (at least for me!)
    And then all too soon it's over. SO enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
    I can't wait to here all about it.