Saturday, April 18, 2009

Let the Sunshine In!

Nope, didn't go to the show. Thought a lot about it, did many calculations and weighing, decided not to go.

Friday was beautiful. FINALLY. I got to the barn in the late afternoon to find a very happy pony covered in dried mud. He rode very well and I was much relieved to have that boy back after all that crabby last week. KAT had a new group of college student lessons start this week so I ended up helping a few of them get tacked up. I didn't have to help, but I AM a teacher so I don't mind teaching about horses. Besides, it's tough to walk by the stalls and see them struggling so much. We all know (unless you've been around horses since you could retain memories) how much information there is to absorb when everything from the terms to the smells, to the giant animal with hooves and teeth is brand new.

Today was wonderful. I put Junior out for a few hours while I chatted with people and watched some people ride. I cleaned the stall really well and helped Max's people give him a bath. Then I gave Junior a much needed bath. This was our second bath and not that he was "bad" the first one last fall, but I certainly have a better relationship with him than I did 6 months ago. He wasn't very appreciative of the cold water from the hose, but he listened to me and did as he was told. It made me so happy to get those socks white(ish) and get some of that winter grime out of his skin and mane. I love the fact that he lets me wash his face. My old white mare was only head shy when there was water involved and it was virtually impossible to get her forehead totally clean. It was really the only thing she had a problem with.

I put him away with his slightly damp mane combed down and Vetrolin Shined. I'm interested to see if it's a mohawk tomorrow, or if it stays down.

Before I went to the barn I went to Rods and got almost everything left on my show list. I got my hat re-shaped and the guy was SO nice, he gave me a new box to put it in. It seems he could tell the 15 year old box I had it in wasn't good enough. I will most likely be buying a new hat next year or two if I start showing showmanship and want a lighter hat for that, but I'm giving this old cheap hat one more year. I also picked up a black show blanket, reins, curb chain, and a scarf. The big hole right now is my chaps. I was dumb and waited too long to go get the Hobby Horse Ultrasuede chaps from Rods and now my size is out of stock. They are due back in stock on April 29th but is cutting it really close to the show on the 3rd, IF they actually come in on time! As a back-up plan I bought their zip-it easy suede chaps. They are certainly cheaper but do not fit as well and will stain my light suede seat. It's already stained a little, but I don't want to make it worse. The hobby horse in my size fit like a glove and are just SOOO nice. I've wanted them for years so I don't want to end up settling for suede, especially since they do not fit as well. On Monday I will call Hobby Horse and see if they have them in stock. They'll be more expensive than at Rods and I'll have to pay for shipping, so I'll have to think about that. Just one of those days you wish you could go back in time! Just for 5 minutes to order those damn chaps!!! OR to pick them up when I looked at them a few months ago. Idiot. I don't know what I was waiting for. They didn't get any cheaper and now they're not even there. So just the chaps and pants left. Pants weren't in the retail store and the warehouse is closed on the weekends so I just need to call on Monday and have them brought into the store for me. I'm ecstatic that Wrangler started making their Q-Baby jeans in totally black. AND I've dropped a size since fall!

It's supposed to rain most of the week again but be nice next weekend. Monday my order from Dover should show up.

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