Saturday, February 6, 2010

No Clinic & No Electricity.

I found out around 10pm that we were not going to the clinic, which was fine with me. I didn't want to get up and drive in that crap. All would have been well, but we lost power in my house sometime around 1:20am. I was awakened to all 3 of my smoke alarms telling me they had low batteries. I looked towards the clock and there was no numbers....therefore no electricity. I didn't sleep well after that and got up around 8:30 to 60 degrees IN my house. I made coffee by boiling water (thank you gas stove!) and by 10am it was cold enough that I decided I might as well go to the barn and be cold as stay home and be cold. I practiced showmanship in the aisle and bagged grain. I was almost ready to leave but then Max's people came and we shoveled a path to the turnout and put our boys out. They had a GREAT time cantering through the knee-deep snow! These pictures were taken yesterday during the storm. The sun is out now but we have around 10" and more in the drifts. I'm home and glad to find the power was on when I got home. Right now I'm trying to decide what to do about blankets. I bought a neck-cover to go with my blankets but realized after it came that it has specific attachment points that go with my Techno-Fleece, but do not work well with my old heavyweight turnout. You can see in the pictures. So one thought is to buy a heavy stable-blanket with a belly band or blanket liner with holes for leg straps and use the Techno-Fleece as an outer layer during turnout. OR I'll have to buy another heavyweight turnout and neck cover. This horse is starting to have nicer clothes than me. But he's so cute!


  1. Brr. It's a good thing they canceled, but it's tough when you're really looking forward to something.

    Glad your powered back up!

  2. They do love the snow! But hope you get power and heat back soon.

  3. It is just hitting all over that white stuff!
    I am glad the horsefaces make the best of it!
    You did too...hope everything is restored by now!

  4. You made a good point with the "this horse is starting to have nicer clothes than me" comment, but darn, it's true. Mater got TWO new blankets this year at $70 ea. I'm still wearing my 3 year old-bought on clearance-carhartt knockoff. Or is it 4 years old?

  5. I have a medium weight with attached neck cover that has been hanging on the wall all winter long because it's been to warm here for it. I have a lightweight with attached neck cover and thats what Boo has been wearing along with his normal heavy fur coat. We have so many clothes because you never know what your going to need or when your going to need it! I should have so many choices in my own wardrobe!

  6. Too bad you couldn't go to the clinic, but it probably wouldn't have been much fun to be out in that freezing cold all day anyway. Love the photos of them playing, they look like they're having a blast!