Thursday, February 11, 2010

Things I should NOT know.

I know most of you will feel my pain in this.

About 17 months ago I bought a horse.... and a whole bunch of stuff....and paid for 17 months of board, shoeing, vet care, training, lessons, showing fees.... more stuff.... and I did some quick math, which I shouldn't have done. Seriously, I should not have done this. If I had been putting all that money in the bank instead of into the (lifelong dream of having my very own) pony, I would have well over $15,000 in the bank, before interest. I threw up in my mouth a little when I realized that. And really, that calculation is only the horse, board, and a few pieces of equipment. I have all my receipts and could calculate it all, but I think my heart would stop.

I've been annoyed at myself for doing this and I'm a little sick about it.

But then I asked myself, all right then self, what would you (me) do with $15,000+? Honestly? After much though I came to the conclusion that I'd probably put it into my lifelong dream of having my very own pony.

So I guess all is well. :) All things considered, I need him in my world. I need the distraction from a job that isn't ideal, I need the exercise, I need the sanity booster. I know most of you understand that.

Do you watch Lost? I'm a bit of a geek about it. Right now on the show we are seeing what would happen to the main characters if one major event had not happened in their past. We're seeing it, but they are not. We only get one life. We only get to know what happens with the choices we make, not the ones we don't make.

Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you can only spend it once. - Charles Swindoll


  1. You are right - probably something we shouldn't know! I could use that $15K for a new car, or to pay off some debt. Yikes.

    But you are also right about the second part - the lifelong dream - stress relief (except when they are hurt!), etc.!

  2. Aw heck. Wait til you buy that house in the country and build a riding arena. Oh, and don't forget the 4h lq. Oh yeah, and the truck to pull said trailer cuz the last truck was too wimpy. And the tractor; can't forget the tractor to use on that new property in the country. And the show budget...I could go on and on, but I wouldn't change a thing.

  3. It is definitely worth it :) Every minute! I'd rather have my horse than a house, or a car, or any of the other things I would buy instead. Horse = happiness, and there is no price too high to pay for that!

  4. Check out my post above. I TOTALLY FEEL YOUR PAIN!! I added up everything for year and YIKES!! Denali is cheaper than typical stress relief!!


    If the link doesn't work then go to December and click on 12,453.73 I added it up to the penny. And that was for 15 months.

  6. True it can be scary to add those money amounts up BUT, it's soooo worth it- and better than any other habit, right?! Sometimes, money can buy the form of the horse anyway! :)

  7. You're absolutely right. Sometimes I could kick myself when I think about all the debt I racked up over the past 6 years desperately clinging on to my horse, despite not having a job, or a place to live, or even time to ride regularly during that time. But she is my baby, my irreplaceable wonder horse, and my only source of sanity when life gets to be too much. In the end, I console myself with knowing that money is just money. When I'm taking my dying breath the only thing that will matter is what I've done in my life to fulfill me.