Sunday, February 21, 2010

Patches and Showmanship

A friend's mom runs an embroidery business and I just got my first order! She and I designed a monogram for all my tack bags. She prefers not to embroider directly on items that aren't easily replaced, just in case something goes wrong, and I didn't feel like shipping ALL my stuff back to MN, so we decided to to patches instead. Plus, if I ever want to change the monogram or sell the bags, I can remove the patches. Having matching monogrammed tack bags is one of those "things" I wanted so badly as a kid that it makes me giddy to finally have them! Of course, when I was a kid all my stuff was going to be hunter green and purple.... but I'm very happy with my basic black! I got enough to do all of my bags, and a few extra for bags yet-to-be. I might even put one on his blanket, but we'll see. I'll get them all on before we go to our first show, but I couldn't help but put one on the halter bag right away so I could show it off.

And here's a new video of some showmanship practice. I set up a simple pattern and had TJ stand as judge/final cone. For some reason he started pivoting really poorly so I spent some time re-schooling the pivot after the video and he got better. I have a hard time keeping ME equidistant from his pivot foot and that's probably part of the reason he moves that foot. But like everything else, we just need to practice a lot more.


  1. Getting caught up on your diary, friend. I knew showing was a lot of work, but I never fully grasped the importance of all the little details such as speed, fluid motion, and (from your previous post) show costumes and apparel. So proud of how hard you are working on top of holding down the job!

    Peaceful Things,


  2. He is so cute... :-) Looks like the showmanship is coming along. I should practice a bit with my guy for something different to do...

  3. Looking good!

    Like you said, once you get the individual maneuvers down, then you can add polish. I think showmanship is one of the most difficult things to teach a horse to do, but so much fun and so rewarding when it's all put together. There are so many pieces and parts to it! He's is doing great for only 6 lessons!

    T minus 11 weeks! :)

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  5. I think you guys look awesome! He is so cute!