Saturday, March 3, 2012

Gettin' Back To It

Hi!  Remember us?  Yeah, we've been quiet for a while.  Sorry about that.  Here are my excuses:
1) My work schedule this semester has proven to be a nuisance in the way of allowing barn time during the week.
2) My back issue, which I'll update you on later, wasn't making the little barn time I had very uninteresting.
3) I've been sick for a week.  Started with stomach flu, then turned into a head cold/allergy/sinusy thing.

But now I think on our way to getting back to "normal." And I'm SO ready to start getting both of us back into some form of condition. I'm in a teensy break between theatre productions, the 3 hours/week I have been spending in prospective student interviews will lessen, and we go on spring break in one week.  This should help extend barn time.

My back is getting better. FINALLY.  January was pretty damn miserable and February didn't start well, but finally it has improved.  I can clean hooves without pain!  Woot!  I've only ridden twice and only walking and trotting in 2-point since sitting the jog isn't comfortable yet, but I've RIDDEN and I can't tell you how good that felt!

And whatever sickness I had seems to be on the mend.  I had to cancel a whole week of classes and missed some important rehearsals, but shit happens.  I'm on the up and up now, better every day. Still weak because I'm still getting my tummy back to eating something more substantial than saltines and gatorade, but I'm improving.

Who you callin' a homeless goat?!?!
I should move on to current events: my poor pony looks like he's unloved. :(  Right before I got to the barn (first time in a week) he went through the fence and proceeded to wonder around until he found some grass.  They caught him fine and he was in his stall when I got there.  I took him out to groom him and my heavens was I embarrassed.  He is FILTHY from ear to hoof and the HAIR is just coming off of him in clouds.  And he's been blanketed!!!! There are horses being led past us with show coats and my poor boy looks like a homeless goat.  I brushed and brushed until I was too weak to continue (not kidding) but I could have done it all day.  And the static was not helping matters.  Do they make Static Guard for horses? Thank heaven for my Shed Flower.  Not great for bony parts, but that sucker breaks through that crusty mud and pulls hair out in sheets.  Then I go to the thick-tooth rubber curry and then to the jelly scrubber and then to the stiff brush.... and he was still covered in dirt and hair.  He's not very pretty during shedding season when I can only groom him once a week.  :(
And that's after I swept it into a ball!

 I took him to the arena and lunged him, more for manners practice and to make sure he didn't injure himself with this morning escapade. I was pretty proud of him because another horse being lunged next to us was being an idiot and bucking and dashing around, but my boy trotted along calmly... at least he's learned to be quiet!  Then I did a little showmanship but I got fatigued REALLY fast so he got to back to his stall in time to do his carrot stretches before his afternoon grain was delivered.

He seemed happy to see me and nearly enjoyed the grooming, but his manners have sure declined.  He does not keep those lessons nearly as well as he keeps others. Back to Bitey McBiterton I guess.  Sigh.  And he's even got his turnout buddy, Bruin back!  Last weekend I caught them playing face tag as I was leaving the barn, so he just needs to be reminded that's appropriate behavior for Bruin, but not for Boss!  And by Boss I mean ME.

Bruin and Junebug: Besties.


  1. The flu seems to be visiting most of us. Have a great spring break, I'm jealous that you don't have any snow!

  2. Yay, glad things are getting better! I'm fighting the regional head cold right now, it's just annoying!!!!

  3. I'm sorry you've been so sick! That sounds positively awful! I'm really excited that your back is finally starting to feel better, though, and I bet Junior is going to be thrilled to have you spending time with him again. :)

  4. Ugh, I'm glad you're feeling better now. I feel you on the grooming thing, I rode my friend's horse last week and I could have spent three hours pulling hair off of him but I only had 30 minutes... and yes, Shed Flowers ROCK! I even gently used it on this horse's tree-trunk legs. Don't worry, Jr. will slick up fine once the weather quits being wacko and your schedule and back permit more time at the barn. Hope you keep improving!